All the Kings Men was the fourth Merovingian Mission in Episode 6.1. This involves the return of the Twin programs, exiles that featured in in the Matrix movies.

Mission Transcripts

Flood: Operatives were...led to two of our missing hands; however, there are still a few fragments left to be gathered up before we can put our first ghostly Humpty Dumpty back together again. We've finally picked up the signal for the torso and head; they appear to have fallen in the Slums, where they were scavenged by the Bag Lady, who, in a sordid series of transactions, eventually put them in the hands of Mockingbird.

Mockingbird is having them guarded by hirelings from Gracy Heights, the Crushers. Apprently, she is unaware

that we are tracking the pieces by their unique code signals. The element of surprise should be on your side.

Operator: I've got a lot of Exile signals in there. I've also got the signals for the torso and head, but they're faint; they've probably got them shut up in a safe.

The Effectuator: Huh, not too much worse for all those years bumping around in the great wide open. Okay, stand back, here goes nothing!

Hah! That's travelling in style!

Half Twin: This won't do at all.

Flood: Stop wasting time with that halfwit, and bring the subject outside!

Half Twin: Could we move along?

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete!

Flood: I need you to lead that floating albino to his lower half; we haven't been able to get it to cooperate at all. Maybe it will listen to reason when its head is present.

Operator: Yeah... The other half of the code signature is in there. I hope each other.

Half Twin: ...

Operator: This is too weird.

All right... Try to get those

Flood: Do not dawdle in the streets with those things, {redpill}: who knows what kind of germs they might pick up.

Operator: This is the last time I try conducting a pair of legs across the city!

The Effectuators are in there. Time for some fireworks, methinks.

The Effectuator: Where are the happy feet?



[Mission completed]

// Transmission Log End