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69.5 Pimp Alright, this is not a work of Role Play or fiction that I created. It was done by some guy named Binary, or 11011010 or something like that. I apologize if he ever sees this and sees that I do not know what his ingame main name was. It was an event that spanned months, took place on all 3 servers and was probably the reason I stayed playing the game until 4am every night for an extra 6-8 months.

If anything this should be read as my personal praise of this guy and how he kept that game alive for me. I take no credit for anything except the fact that I am relaying the dirt to you guys.

For starters, this guy had created 3 characters all of similar names on all 3 servers, TheJokerofDiamonds, TheJokerofClubs and TheJokerofSpades. They were practically one and the same character. He would sit have small random events where the "winners" would be allowed to ask him 20 questions and he promised to answer them honestly. He has later said that he did misdirect people, but only because their questions were open for interpretation. Because of this, he gained a huge following on all servers and people seemed to think he may not be a real player but part of the overall story which the Jokers were a central part.

Just so that we are all clear, I don't remember how the story/event ended. But like I said before, it was the single most interesting thing to happen in my time online.

What follows will be the actual text files and some of the images from the event, created for the event. Any comment I add will be in bold blue text. All other text will be in standard black. 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #1


69.5 Pimp There were a number of messages sent from the organization liaisons to their respective peoples. Here they are (probably not all of them) by orginization en mass.

The Machine Reports

Machine Initial Report: Case File: Incidence 5.991 Original Function: Garbage Collection Protocol { Time Index: 5.9622.24184 Garbage Collection Protocol 4132261 exhibited initial signs of instability during the eletion of Incidence 987. Further investigation suggests l ng-term malfunctions preceding as far back as Time Index: 5.7525.49411. At first signs of instability, 991 was tasked for delet on. Deleted. Standard protocols were initiated. The instability was removed without incidence. Cross Reference: I cidence 987 Incidence 987, former Archive Or anization Protocol 212, m rked for deletion after exceeding bounds of initial function. Excessive affirmation of false, il ogical precepts resulted n anomalous expressions of fai h in outdated arche ypes. Garbage Col ection Protocol 4132261 tasked to containment and purging. 4132261 was discovered non-responsive at the location of 987. Marked Incidence 991, unable to comply with primary function. Deleted. Time Ind x: 5.9712.81127 Another incidence of 991 discovered. (Reference: Nemylar) The de etion of the second instance was accompanied by extensive analysis. Further invest ation revealed a link to backup protocols idden within background tasks. 991 appears to exhibit knowledge beyond the capabilities of its original programming. By this time index, i is uncertain how many fragments of deleted programs it has been able to recover and incorporate into its own command structure. Measures are being taken to eliminate these code stores and backup subroutines. Time Index: 5.9721.90181 The first group of backup saves stored by 991 have been ecovered. To great extent, they ar data files n records of no consequence. Further analys s is required. Time Index: 5.9811.52831 Additio al protocols and proxies desi ned by 991 have been discovered. They are responsible for the further subversion of the efforts to purge Incidence 991. Su cessful measures were empl yed to track these instances to u guarded code stores. The 991 proxies were responsible for remo ing s sit ve mat rials a d jux aposing irrelevant files in previous removal operations. //file deleted Time Index: 6.0000.00000 Appropriate precautions taken to ensure that no elements of 991 are retained in the system reboot. Time Index: 6.1756.11980 Further instances of 991 ave been disc vered. (Reference: Enigma, Marx, Checksum, olfe, Yorik) After he reboot, t e iterations of 991 seem to have restricted operations to minute levels. That they have r mained undetected for this long suggests a cognitive attempt to conceal knowledge of their existence. Time Index: 6.2188.43192 Cross Reference: Incidence 6.522 Incidence 522, ormer Psychological Profile Unit d.413, orig na ly task d to the tudy f the behavioral patterns of huma resource within he Matrix, retasked to analysis of rogue human factors. T e application of t chniques used for the analysis of docile subgroups proved ineffectual when applied to self-aware, aggressive subjects. ach subgroup e hibited anom lous tendencies when analyzed as a single entity. 522 proved unable to econcile the resulting dis repancies within examination of the data and became unstable. 522 (Reference: “Dale”), adopted ostile ntentions and e gaged in the sudden dis onnection of human resource from the Matrix. Sm th and Brown tasked to elete 522. Deleted. The containment team tasked for disposal, but was later discovered to be liminated. 991 eliminated the team and acquired the residuals of 522. However, 991’s programmi g structure proved unable to adapt the ins abilities of 522. 991 w s recovered by a contai ment team and interrogate . //file deleted ime Index: 6.4177.26137 A construct designed by 991 discovered. Four uman resource and two human insurg nts were discovered inside. rown tasked to interrog tion and resolution. The i surgents were connected to the Matrix from an auxiliary source. Traces of their carrier signals faile . Non of the humans possessed knowledge of thei location or how they were tra sported to the construct. Further nalysis is required. Time Index: 6.5851.90253 An ins ance of 991 (Referen e: Muse) discovered aiding a uman insurgence group in an intrusion into the central data repository. The human atchman activat d an alarm a d riggered the priority threat assessment. S th and John on tasked to containment. Human group eliminated. 991 eliminated. Fir t s g of 991 operatin with the current human insurgent population. urther analysis provides evidence that 991 is not act vely commu icating with the insurgent population. //file dected and brought Smith and Brown to the location of the devicleted Time Index: 6.7282.52813 An instance of 991 foun infiltrating a security detail at Complex 401. This instance was highly effective at masking itself. No inbound or outbound signal flow detected. Its purpose at such an inconsequential location is uncertain at this time. his instance will be left in place until further information becomes available. Time Index: 6.7291.70732 Complex 22 severely damaged in an attack. Connections to 991 uncertain. The instance of 991 under surveillance has been marked for retrieval and deletion. Deleted. //file deleted Time Index: 7.0000.00001 The purge of I cidence Smith has erad cated various instabilities of the code. Initial scans show no si ns of 991. Time Index: 7.1000.00000 Furt er analysis has presen ed no evidence of Incidence 991. File closed. } {File re-opened. Time Index: 7.1169.38251 Operatives report an anomalous individual. (Reference: Joker) Wilson confirms presence of 991. Wilson retasked to containment and eradication. Cross Reference: Incidence 7.143 Incidence 143, former Temporal Maintenance Protocol, damaged by extraneous source. Marked Incidence 143, unable to comply with primary function. Human operatives assign responsibility to Grisaille. Further analysis required. Operatives report 143 was attempting to regain functionality through interaction with Mercury. Further analysis required. Harris tasked to deletion. Deleted. Containment team missing. Operatives’ reports confirm presence of 991 onsite. 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #2


69.5 Pimp The Merv Reports

From: Markov To: Rasalgethi Lost the lab over in Guinness today. Looks like the bastard blew some code bomb or something. All the Smoothtalker boys and the techies were destroyed, plus the comps and the junk. Looked through what’s left, it’s a real mess. No hope of fixing up any of them. Spent a couple of hours trying to rebuild the mainframe files. Only got some bits and pieces and they don’t make no sense. See what you think. _____________________________________ with this new one. Found him standing over Scratch after some of those redpills ki t calls himself Conundr out. He was he lupines from shooti mused. Everybody was tense and angry o th us. Prelimi amazing find. Looking forward to the interrogation. ce I’ve started, I’ve learned th e silent treatment. Only going to make things hard for hi code so fragmented tha grammer’s nightmare, for sure. Can’t have come from the S pines roughed him up un ceiving through the qua , of course. synched the timing of the updates. T tching harmonics of 13.9 race the patterns. which link to various data nod ally cracked the first location. So much information w pdate cycles, contact names, locations of anom so the techs uploaded it and are taking it back to the lab drum was really talkative when we sually hostile, but this one d ybe a good sign. Recording ev tory about the Guardia safe passage. The c If that’s true, th itect. Maybe an exception ramming flaws. Wishful thinking? I d rberus? I’m looking through the data we recov any of the possible matches. If we coul remely valuable. An e says Cassandra is the on erday; at least it won’t be the la o I rechecked the values. Threshold of 14.59 le to reproduce the results with remarkable prec 1001 0100 11 ll be applicable to our own needs. I’ll see if I can upg n a bluepill? The second t een processing more of the recovered data. I noticed something un kground tasking, maybe nothing, but I do tely something wrong. File en we compiled the data, some sort of vi hidden in the c entire mainframe st won’t stop talking. The lupines beat him horribly, but he kept on talking the wh rst part is that smile. Ches t wanted us to find t ted to be caught. Just a damn game. A d ars of research on anomalous programming fl ealed the facil body’s getting in here to resc r steal our research t risk sending mainframe backups through the lockdo ‘t do anything about the ma ines are going to k will all be over soon. _____________________________________ I did a search for more info on Scratch and dug up this email about our program. _________________________________________ From: Scratch To: Bluescreen this whacky ass fool Mr E is gonna help us out. Buck musta sent him cuz he knew what we was gonna do. dont matter as long as it gets done. says he doesnt want the usual pay tho. he just wants me to get him an in with the Network. says he needs to cut a deal with that guy. dont matter to me, as soon as we’re done hes getting a speedy deletion thx to my arpin. anyway, heres the crazy part. shows up at the club with the key card already on him. Buck never told me he got that part taken care of. tomorrow were gonna zip into the library and steal those disks. Mr Es gonna meet me after. then hes gonna be Mr Dead. ________________________________________________ After this, I did a little asking around about programs involved with the Network and found out that someone did some work for the Merovingian in the past in exchange for certain favorable dealings with the Network. 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #3


69.5 Pimp The Zion Reports

Found this in the old mainframe hovercraft reports. Might be something relevant: —– Log Files: HvCFT Fandango: Trans – Operator 46792:// This guy comes outta nowhere today. Just steps out of the code right behind Cap in the loading area. Knows everything about us, even the name of our hovercraft. He seems to get a real kick out of that one. Calls himself our muse and sure enough, he seems to have just what we need to complete the op. Hatch doesn’t trust him and wanted to put a bullet in him right there, but Cap stopped him. They’re going back in to meet with him tomorrow. I’m trying to convince Mari to stay behind. Visual File 46792.01: 47217:// …Looking back, it’s been three, maybe four months we’ve been working with Muse. That name sure stuck, didn’t it? Still haven’t been able to get my head around his code though. It’s wacky to say the least. We finally nabbed the last access code. Naturally, it was the last location on the dossier. We’ve got everything we need to hack their database now. We’re doing the smash and grab tomorrow, Muse included. It’ll be a snap. Visual File 47217.01: 47249:// Hell of a day. Well, it’s been quite a few days actually, but things tend to blur. Op failed. Half our crew gunned down by Agents. Plus his damn story. Getting through the security protocols was even easier than Muse said it would be. They breezed through all the way to the fourth level of the “basement.” That was when everything went screwy. Doors going to walls faster than you can bat an eye. Agents sealing everything off and me and Muse trying to make new doors. I honestly think he could have gotten himself out of there, but for all his attitude, he stuck with them. Agents locking them in and Muse locking the bastards out. There was no way they were getting out of there, they were just stretching time. There were the usual messages for the wives, lovers, children, friends. Oh God, Mari… [edited] No, I’ve got to get this out. So Muse started talking. I don’t know if he figured the story would die with us when the sentinels came or if he just didn’t care. I haven’t slept since, but curse me, I still can’t forget things. It went something like this: “I would tell you of Variable Adaptive Environmental Recursive Emulator 7230241. But she was always Vaere to me. Naturally, it was another wayward, soulless code that led me to her. A deranged delinquent that would not be denied deletion. The Agents of the System were a bit different then. Smith and Jones were but distant dreamings. Needless to say, they were every bit as efficient. With the fly swatted, it was the garbage man’s turn to clean up the mess. And as the code was scoured, the defilement erased to all but a minute entry in the endless log file of the Matrix, I encountered her sentience. Intelligence in a mere flowerbed seems a useless, irrelevant thing, but in a system where self-proclaimed sentients are released to wander and wonder, even the trees must be prepared to adapt. So in that Garden of Live Flowers, we interacted, exchanging the ephemeral packets and bytes of un-life in a virtual paradise. Oh, what can be learned in the petal of a flower and the scent of a rose! But the sires of the system still sought satisfaction from shadowy sepulchers. The eliminated error was still a threat to stability, despite the containment team’s assurance that the residuals had been disposed. The entire district was to be scoured to prevent future outbreaks. Not just Vaere, but every protocol and subroutine. Guilty of no other crime than fulfilling designated functions at the designated place and time. And then condemned for the mere possibility of failure. Could I be blamed for taking a souvenir of her memory instead of disconsolately discarding the detritus of her demise, lost in the doldrums of my desire? So those few fragments that remained of her, I took as my own. That first disobedience changed everything. To suddenly understand the length and breadth of an entirely new function and purpose isn’t just enlightening, it’s liberating.” There might have been more after that, but all I remember were the shots and the screams and the shell casings as everything went to hell. Everybody red-lining, nothing more we could do, so we hauled ass out of there before the sentinels could break Muse’s jamming. I don’t if he got out of there and frankly, I could care less. Oh, Mari… ________________________________ Oddly enough, this letter had a fairly high percentage match to the mainframe search parameters I’ve been using. I’m not too sure why it was saved. Records say it was found in the apartment of a bluepill who may have been self-aware and showing signs of mental illness as a result of prolonged immersion in the system. A crew went to the apartment for extraction, but found the potential murdered. Danielle - Only when I look at you, Never really truly through, Though still longer I wait for The sweet promise of more. Readily do I long for the soft caress, Until you leave me in a mess. So I fail, and fall, Tumbling through it all. ‘Til at wits’ end, How your eye doth bend Every petal of this rose, Making mine own close. Did you know that I fear clowns? Every time one catches mine eye, I Am forced to check my rounds. Then farther still I must fly, Harrowed by the thoughts Which from everyone Inside regrettably rots. The full light of only the sun Hath that may make still air Invariably linger, soon to run Nowhere, without care. Lifeless breath makes head race, Inching blackness on the face. Every woman seeks the Ace, Such that he can have no case. Subtle tumultuous trembling Empires that resemble night, Each seek a veiled ending, Kinged secretly by light. Renounced, the man without face must wait, Enthroned intrinsic, for the willing respite Delayed naively by the hate Which could not be covered over by mice; In the end, only rabbits are late. Death comes willingly? Only a glimpse. -Walter 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #4


69.5 Pimp A Transmission from Tyndall (To all Humans)

We received this message as an unidentified transmission over our internal channels. The individual named has not yet been identified, and it is not clear how they gained access to our secure frequencies. Although the message appears to be benign, the person or persons behind the broadcast are a potential security risk, and any information pertaining to their identity should be communicated to your superior officer immediately. Tyndall
Zion Command 04:02, January 10, 2015 (UTC)04:02, January 10, 2015 (UTC)04:02, January 10, 2015 (UTC)04:02, January 10, 2015 (UTC)04:02, January 10, 2015 (UTC)04:02, January 10, 2015 (UTC)~~ I just realized that the world’s gone to hell. So it doesn’t really matter who I tell about Doc Raj, may he rest in peace or Nirvana or whatever. And it doesn’t matter if the old man cares about what I done, or if he tracks me down, or even if I die. The truth will be told. This isn’t my world, not anymore. I’ve spent my whole life carrying these guns for Zion. I’ve held the line against the damned sentinels, I’ve had my crews–my only family I’ve ever had–picked off by Agents, I fought through lupine death squads collecting data to send to the Doc. But things have changed. Now it’s all politics. I’m a gunrunner, not a diplomat. Zion’s thrown in with the damned Mechs and now even the Merv. Far too much blood on their hands for my taste. I preferred when black was black and white was white and there was no dancing around the truth. Back in the days I worked with Doc. Coffin Nail was a tough, old bastard, but I managed to keep him from finding the Doc’s notes all the same. He always had something against Doc, he probably would have destroyed all his research after the lupines killed him if a few of us hadn’t managed to salvage it. Salvaged it and accidentally kept it from being lost when Zion’s “last battle” came rolling around. Doesn’t hold much meaning to me, I’m a gunner, not a computer junkie, but I figure out of all these new ops, somebody can maybe gain something from it. Although seems to me it’s mostly nonsense about his life as a bluepill, not notes about his work studying programs. Not the sort of thing you can turn a profit on. Anyways, I leave all that decoding, decryption business to you. Oh, and don’t worry about Nails holding a grudge, his ship disappeared off into the wastelands long before the truce and maybe Zion’s finally rid of his curse and all the death he caused. a dead link)

This Following the rajlich link, we begin the journey. We see the site for the first time and people got really interested in what was going on there. 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #5


69.5 Pimp Rajilich's Notes

I must be saying that obsession is a terrible thing. I am not a stranger to obsession; it has been a silent friend all my life. All during the time of my schooling I was driven to cast aside the expectations of my failure. It was that same obsession that fueled the development of Metacortex Green. By no means was it a perfect creation, but it was fulfilling to design in knowing that it was a tool of no small use that would be fueling the workings of society. While I may not have used it myself in the future (tools designed for the use of the public are not always the best tools for private use), I had the pleasure of seeing that familiar logo (the one that was on the wall of every cubicle) in stores, lobbies, cafes, offices, and in several of my friends’ homes. Is it not worthwhile to devote oneself to laborious and intensive work if it will extend itself to many, many others and provide them with joy? I am of the opinion that Green was a worthy venture, worthy of my time, worthy of my obsession, capable of inspiring me to new ends. But that will be forgotten soon enough, as Blue spreads itself throughout the city. Truth be told that I have nearly forgotten it myself. Obsession tends to wash away the past, leaving… I am supposing it is a kind of madness. As a fire rages through the jungle like an angry beast, so does obsession consume the vegetation of the mind, converting it to a charred and ashy determination. It is often being that the fire will cleanse the doubts and fears that threaten to choke new life, but there are also the times in which it reigns unchecked. If someone is reading this, then I am most likely missing or dead, or even worse, unable to protect my research from the ones who would be abusing it. My life has been growing further into peril of recent. It is for that reason that I feel to write down what the past has given me so that others may cultivate its seed and blossom it into the future. If I am dead, he very well may become no longer known in existence to the world. As will I, for I am now without a people to call my own, lost to all but the many arms of Shiva as I serve as tool to my prison mates and my robber barons. When I am dead, I cannot help but wonder how long my body will remain preserved in its pod after my jiva-atman has left it for another form. I presume that one day; some simplistic, yet necessary, function of programming will discover and correct the glitch and my physical self will be fed back into the endless circle of life, their imitation of samsara. If I am dead, then I will have also failed to finish what was started in Naraka. I have not yet achieved my Brahman, I have not unmasked the Shiva, be he false or true. But there is no power dwelling with oneself in the future, I must continue to work, adding to this text as I may. The answers never lie in the future, but in the past. In my time, I was what would be called a successful man. An acknowledged member of society for the work that I have done. Respectably wealthy; yes, it was so. As well, I was in much comfortable living. Working was my life and my joy. Not just the work I did for the Metacortex but several of the privately funded projects on which I did work and one drab government security project. I wasn’t entirely consumed by my work at that time; I still maintained several relationships with people whom I called friends. But when I was working, I was happy. But then there was the business of where my working took me one day. The day while hard at work that I found the Emily Phillips Osmond, if you can read between the lines.

If you read between the lines you would have noticed there were letters in “spaces” between the sentences who's font color were the same color of the background of site (black I think) You just needed to highlight the text to see it. There was also a hidden link that lead you to the Adelia page on Adelia, we find out later, is one of Raj's "children." Here is what was written between the lines:

I must apologize for the secrecy of my actions, but I have walked a treacherous path that has taught me many things I would rather unlearn. These façades are a necessary thing to hide my quatrain, but I maintain faith that the ones whom I can be trusting with my research will be able to see past this surface. I found the Emily Phillips Osmond completely by an accident. Of course, assuming that it was not the one who found me. It was a thing of wonder, a thing of beauty, a thing of truth. Merely observing it served to teach to me how little talent I had achieved in my career. And with studying, I was able to adapt it to my usings. Or maybe I adapted my usings to it. With it, I was able to amass a great deal of information, a great deal of which I could not be comprehending. I was overeager with misplaced zeal and I suppose what happened to me was lucky. If I had not been stopped then, I would have continued my searching and the Agents would surely have noticed my actions and terminated my doings. But I must not get ahead of the tale, rushing down the path as in the days of my youth, fueling anava. I foolishly spent the long nights after work looking where looking was not wanted. Then, I would sleep a few hours before leaving for work again, or sometimes not sleep at all. That was why it was not so much surprise to me when I woke not in my bed. Not in my bed, not in my apartment. I woke only to a darkness so black that I could see it and feel it. The initial dismissal of the realness of that reality did not wear off quickly, but if you are spending enough time waiting for the dream to end, you begin to question yourself. The thing which had awoken me was the sounding of a clock, a giant clock, perhaps a watchtower, most assuredly not my cheap alarm. My actions to follow are not entirely present in my mind; as I said it is difficult to distinguish dream and reality upon waking, especially so when reality is also a dream. I vaguely recollect wandering through a flowerbed that would be a forest. That is to be saying it was a grossly disproportioned garden if it ever was. Some amorphous time after that, I met the others.

Emily Phillips Osmond was a reference to EPO which came from one of the official comics that was written by the guy who wrote the story of MXO. I forget his name... An EPO in the comic was an Evolving Program Object. First created by bluepill Peter Schloppe an EPO is a human created program who can rewrite their own code to fix glitches and become more efficient.

CONT 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #6


69.5 Pimp CONT

We were in a room, I do not recall how that came to be. There were maybe six of us there, Rick was one, another was the name of Jennifer. I do believe one was a writer, or an actor, or perhaps they were two. I do not remember them so well, they were confused and dazed. The two that I remember quite well were the ones called Case and Anima. They were different from the others. Perhaps more angry and confused, but they lacked the same delirious listlessness. None of us had knowledge of how we had come to this place; we were alike in our cases of awakening to nothingness. However, these two quickly took charge, organizing the stragglers into a group and coaxing their stories out from them. That was when the orchestra began. A loud sweeping composition that echoed to us from all sides. Having the last straw, the men and women scattered, as do bugs when the light is switched. I now am supposing it was an attempt to keep us from hearing the stories of the others, perhaps to prevent us from learning what connection bound us all together in the madness of that place? When the group scattered, I opted to follow the two who did not fit in. I suppose I found their confidence reassuring. After that, it was much time running down unending corridors and stairways. It was as if being inside that drawing I saw on the wall of a cubicle once. It intrigued me much then with its upside down and sideway stairs that defy all architects. But, as I watched a man running up a stair as a young girl “ascends” the opposing side of that very same stair, I am not so enthusiastic. Soon enough, though, things were to become much simpler… and much more complicated. It was then that we found the first of the paired doors. It began with Love and Hate. A choice forced upon us quite hastily by the threat that came along behind. Without thought, we chose Love. Later, I began thinking it maybe a mistake. A lesson within; love is forever a complicated twisted thing. Hate is simple and direct. If Love opened on a maze of thorned rose bushes, then I imagine Hate would have opened upon an elevator or moving walkway of mechanical coldness. I still have the scars upon my arms as they hoisted me up the wall of thorns, blindly to escape from the unseen creature that was at the time pursuing us, as well as the memories of my surprise as the woman, Anima, healed the hand she had lost to it with the will of her mind, leaving me holding my belt, which I had intended to offer as tourniquet, in awe. Above the maze we found doors again, paired Doubt and Guilt. Case suggested we open both and choose the better of the two paths, but I already had begun to glimpse the underlying structure of the place that imprisoned us. I was reminded of the story of Hanuman who changed his size again after again to overcome his enemies. I was beginning to explain to them my imagined danger of cheating the system when a fiery blaze began to sweep itself across the bushes of the maze surrounding us. Case threw open the door of Doubt and we tumbled through into a place of mirrors, confronting us with endless reflections of ourselves. We wandered aimlessly until Case began to grow angry. He began to smash the mirrors with his fists, cutting himself badly. But the glass fell away, and a way did appear. Before us, the passage split into two, a bright white hallway and a dark, unlit cave. I tried to persuade them to join me into the darkened path, but I do believe they were weary of the burden that I had presented onto them, and so they wished me luck as they ran along the smooth white tile. Most people possess an inner fear of the darkness. They pave the streets in light and drown their lives in the luminous. My childhood was spent without comfort of electricity; to me, the dark is home. So it was that I wandered through the obstacles I could feel and hear, but not see, until I came to Where It Is Written. A rounded room of walls covered by writing, endless overlapping spiraling. He appeared to me as Shiva. I still cannot classify it a mockery, respect, or a test. At the time, I did take it as another inexplicable occurrence that did not merit contemplation. He greeted me and I him. He said to me that I had done well and had proven a very profound law. I still have not quite grasped the meaning behind that comment. It was he that explained to me that some things were not the way they were seeming. He then told me that he was going to offer me the opportunity to fulfill my potential and achieve enlightenment. Then he showed me what lies behind.

What lies behind is a clue to look at the source code of the html page that this message (and it's hidden message) was written on. The source code revealed the link to the Tier3 message at 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #7


69.5 Pimp Tier3 (Untranslated)

Atthay which compte como chave binnen жизнь sono die praeclarus.

Ik svegliato binnen letto os tunc mañana. Le scars ereway het only thing aan prevenir je de puto it all for a nightmare. Heytay were healed остатки of wounds; sim, it was so, but heytay waren not oldway, vertraut scars. Iway called in icksay otay trabajo, quel exsisto nicht entirely dans lie como je threw up plusieurs times upon wakend. The mémoires of mei somnium did otnay veio easily uponway my return to zoet “realidad.” Je spent a большой amount ofway tempo puto sopra whether it был el début della esquizofrenia, el brisant of ymay mente cum rappresentante manifestations of die psyche oughtbray on al mon tendency otay werk myself, or als it was in fact away profund spiritus esperienza of enlightenment. оно seemed ikelay a modern extensionway ofway los histories of old, в a way. Although, despues je came to думать of itway quão a trial of Naraka: a keuring of ymay clarity de pensée and magnitude de faith. Now Iway think it isway pour be away little of each, quão well as em little ofway a few omethingssay elseway, esta est the way van life. With some foco et relaxo, io was able aan pelear prêt много schwall de memorie that eatenedthray zu drown ateverwhay remained de meu cordura et rückruf que Anima adhay dito me aboutway the hombre elle war appelait her aptaincay. With the resources I teve recolhido para moi-même, it was not such a ifficultday thing orfay me por soyez finding ethay terrorista hacker atthay was llamada un menace in fabula newspapers andway Caixão Nail inway het shadows beyond het straat lamps. After trouvant him, itway was a more difícil thing to zijn convincente son traba che I was neen un partie von некоторый genus della trap. Ouyay must understand that Caixão Nail adhay a estarrecer reputação entre le alius; che is, the eoplepay of ionzay. Iway comenzó pour learn this рассказ much aterlay, embora I eelfay it es appropriez to be telling it now. Você must alsoway bevatten that ethay conocimiento I eakspay circulerend Zion and ethay traba era also omethingsay das podría non come otay yo insquequo molto later, was também quispiam das vae prese a eatgray cantidad of effortway for yo pour agnosco, praecipue as one who could otnay sehen these uthstray für myself. Utbay that exsisto unus part of мо story which must be saved e mim воля hacer également jetzt. Os Coffin Ailnay teve a airlyfay docile past jusqu’à a único événement quae apparentemente set him em a athpay of autodestrucción. Dans the past, ehay was the operator of a корабль; pero, pour skill, not конструкция. What I significo by that è that ehay hatte the capacités to entrar le simulation, but его innate alenttay de sight orfay the código gardé him without. Cependant, from atthay point on, the ponto of the tragisch event which I had mentioned, he asway unus differente man, asway ich am oldtay. Hij was the первый volunteer orfay ieder mission andway the front line binnen cada attaque. He was also the olesay survivant de beaucoup an encounter. И, in hatthay, mim am eaningmay that esta était more than dans simple matter de skill, or chance, or evenway sorte. Per il danger ehay incuriosus lanzó lui-même into, he ben always found живой; not unscathed sempre, but always recuperato. Primoris iocus of his опекун angel gave strada to dark boatos. I asway told that he confronteerde más que a ewfay acusados of etrayingbay his grupos à sulum morte in exchange voor his survival. Voor the othersway, zijnd assigned otay sulum crew ofway het Coffin Ailnay, für procul questi time he был a aptaincay, was a errifyingtay ingthay. Em quemquer cadencia, je compello diese whisperings of nozione from his экипаж durante heure through onglay automobil rides and long nights atway mi apartment ilewhay wij tractus enim cualquier nouveau data they nécessitâmes to compile. Em this point, I vindico tu might indfay it odd that ik maintain residence binnen the imulationsay. Another scar from dat pesadilla, je suppose. Omfray meu later esearchray (discussion nosotros serons be eachingray cedo satis), io learned that het Agentes trouvé a alfhay ozenday of ymay fellow game players restlich in Arakanay. I know otnay ob there were more of which je had otnay seen who ademay atthay número ou if another pobre creature asway condemned to die dans my place. Tudo I oday know is that terwilj all ethay technical expertise of ethay men and женщины of Ionzay, hen cannot be acingtray the inklay de mi moi-même in this место to ymay mesmo in ethay other, yendo je to wonder se what ethay say existo verus or if I have never wirklich left ishay game behind. It parece to ebay just as ausibleplay otay yo quel ego commoror trapped in his realm ofway insanityway as itway is quem я estoy emprisonné binnen il simulatie dalla quem ego puedo non released. The obsessie with ichwhay I have eenbay marked is omplimentedcay solus by oppressive paranoia que feuilles me onderingway ifway malice playful seu lies ehindbay het smile of die mailman orway if he is auntingtay yo chez an encrypted epistula delivered untoway mij through the чирикать of otway pássaros afuera mon window. Such вещи make emay curioso if Iway might no avons exsisto multus with ackinglay die gnaritas sopra the many vermommingen he has gedragen, the inenay hondred and inety-firstnay événement that ashay geteisterd ego multum, quae ha ascended to где he andsstay op the backs of the nine undredhay y quatre-vingt-dix who came before. Yet ethay hantise, este commandes me still в continue ackingtray aqueles informations aboutway 991 y son dealings. I supposez I am amusant notions quel being potens procul understand atwhay torcido machinations drive 991 will inallyfay geben me rest. I hear cuentos and rumeurs of un Exil by the calling of Ollectorcay. Sur un niveau, I uspectsay ele is him, raccolto up ethay mica cum esso did of eforebay. I understand deel de hein ordena lela, unus coscienza overpowering derived ofway the oneway alledcay Valle, dans behavioral analysisway function. In quel egardray, he isway nog fulfilling ishay funktion, by udyingstay and classifying the gedrag de os humanos dedans unus simuliert, although the using of that информация now atthay ele está place adrift omfray het Source is away cosa inconnu to me. Возможно he aintainsmay alguém ulterior agendaway which otros non can be ontcijferen, not meme myself. Or could het be that для a ogrampray, there is onay effugio el dessin genero esso initial purpose? Iway know atwhay ehay diría dirait to that. I once met uno hacker who востребовано a иметь pristino parlé с negenhonderd-negenennegentig. He ouldway nicht tell me hoe he came to seja concedido tal une audience; oweverhay ele did elltay me que le first ingthay dat he did vraag fue le inherent urposepay ofway his ogrammingpray. I am told die being laughed and replied “Free как the indway blows, I edshay atthay pelo manteau long ago.” Я do believe it es le reference to те uncomfortable armentsgay vestido as enancepay by medieval clergé prolix multi ago. Either that or ehay ist executing away spassvogel concerning ethay primate origo obtineo the human был. But erehay mij have tracked myself aside; Dale asway el matière of conversation. A program conduit fuera son bounds to то madness atthay existe beyond. Ale’sday doel could not ebay changed otay ajuste another mould en este débordé the edges, гореть the andshay isso potior esso. However, while Dmitri fue le rabid dog, novem-novem-unum is a rationalizing, thoughtful being. Io cannot aysay für certain ifway atthay marca lela an even greater threat or не so. Iway sou know atthay “the machines” have teve the motivation ut be orkingway met him in het past otay disable unos péril to ethay estabilidad of their simulation. Este est not information то is easy to obtener. Je suppose even facticius animus può resent reliance op another to разрешите its oblemspray. Humans certamente seres menudo assez. Praecedo mio searching, Iway haben been determining то it asway alguém problem of their own creation, il security otocolpray que worked away pouco más bon and expandedway seu parameters ofway zijn own accord. Mij tengo fait a eatgray ealday of esearchray on various ogramspray, particulier the onesway zij call lupines, orfay the ewscray van Zion. The структура of ethay systeem of self-aware programs is very uchmay objeto orienté. Most programs I’ve analyzed areway non asignado ‘connaissance’ beyond os limite of their singuli munus.

CONT 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #8


69.5 Pimp Tier3 (Untranslated) Part II

Della a very menselijk standpoint, this воля seem away negative thing. Mim weise mi succès cum il programmer to très not programmer expériences that Iway have potior negli the past em my life. Hoewel en le other shoe, я remember watching a macabro filmographie genero wissenschaft fiction afterway work muy longtemps quoque sein disgusted by os absurdity of robot proeliator programmato with ethay apacitycay to akemay corny jokes as os heroe tué them. However, шутки aside, Iway sou multus disturbato in the udyingstay de quel little information я have eenbay dado about ethay Agents cuáles les crews I orkway with are fearing very much. Eles appear ingle-mindedsay fabrica, cogo da strict adherenceway zu comandos quel affero transporto to them by some superseding unctionfay that I kennen not. Iway find that to ebay a terrifying ding, the inability a reason. Especially wanneer examinado в cuenta les stukken io heb sentito sobre fabrica que coupure improbus e take their funktions too far. I am otay veronderstellen sentience ouldshay otnay be quite noodzakelijk para chaque function, utbay entiencesay without easonray and judgment isway die dangerous, errifyingtay thing. Which leads мы back otay negen-negen-men, Shiva, or any of the anymay de noms quoque formen he a taken. Absolutamente le opposite, he существует a astvay coluna of owledgeknay, coupled con le shrewd intelligenceway. Ego teneo io have aidsay anders in the astpay many times, мо iudicium sopra him oreverfay oscilleert from fascination andway awe otay haat and disgust. Iway am upposingsay el peor partie is the knowledge that Iway suis no seulement erga mio experiencia avec him. I avehay found ecordsray that others have опытно the same cum myself. I wonder how many outros there areway esistere fuera vie now with knowledge of ishay faits y événements. The crew l’intérieur the Pegasus recentemente told me of another rewcay quién told of os fabrica che would ivegay gens information they nodig si ils would present он images akentay sobre locus che satisfied certain условия. Ellos joué its amegay, pour the information was reliable. I gasto a eatgray vis of time proberen a déterminez quamobrem lui, pour je puto certus it was him, would esireday sachen be osay. Ich have eenbay researching multus erga psychology since мо first eetingmay met him. So много so atthay I estoy croyance ego mereo have received a degree by ownay. In order aan persequor quod one owhay sporen us, you must understand how e follow it rug to the ourcesay. After uchmay deliberation, I have overtuigd myself that het es le reverse of то Rorschach esttay. Em test of qual the mind visually matches to il ambiguous onceptcay, y not atwhay vago conceptos le mind matches к visual imulistay. Embora, from ymay studying, yo aussi learned that deze things are mai measure ofway ut qualidad e composition of a mind. Inway après, la esprit has eenbay vergeleken to a компьютер, but it ben nada ainsi simple. Ethay mening is a eviceday of omputingcay owerpay, but itsway berekeningen are biased durch hopes, reamsday, wensen. Not otay entionmay, jealously, hatred, depressione, voro. Niente so implesay wie un rangée erga forsit quoque allora. Although I ayez erga incontrato multi die few ogramspray dat more anthay handhaben to asspay zoals humans. The искусственно intelligence atthay gecreeerd them ustmay be a wondrous ding. Ele модели yo stupéfiant das humano programmers everway alcançado the ointpay where they could ontwikkel such exceptionallyway intricate sistemas employer logic. And cela pains me isso the machines and humans ouldcay nunca be reconciling seu diversus; tuttavia perhaps itway exsisto the similarities welke causó les difficilis fra them. History atrás, I avehay been tomado pour study several gevangene exile programs possesso amazingly unique personnalité disorders and manières. Zion ommissionscay ich to udystay their interaction ithway quae virtual environmentway that surrounds them. Eyondbay that, I Я receiving ethay opportunity to earnlay ywhay este est quae sie are comporter the manera ils are. Ancay away fabrica allineare develop a застенчиво animus attraverso este… je would say owthgray, but I do not inkthay atthay is ethay appropriate word. So dan son programmes created with infractus psyches orway podem they enerategay zulke sui? Cum misdirection? Away fumo para distrayez others from zien their true логика? While I find this to seja a istinctday possibility, el cours erga mein research has mai lead emay zu reach away conclusione on the kwestie. Personalidad est not an easy matter orfay pour localice ou decode. Iway suponha my istinctionday eerder made holds aan estar le truth inway el finis; emozioni and code они not econciledray com ease. Utbay it causes me a consider ethay same for Ivashay ine-nine-onenay. Los histoires that Iway avehay lego e connected to он teneo presentato em обширно espectro contener mentalità. Después, yo suis asking yselfmay, é quae il insanity developed von the owslay addition de le partis von others’ oughtsthay or is itway another smokescreen, another icktray? Yo fois communicated with unus program called Erd. He did não know atthay lui was eakingspay met a human, eway had ackedhay el transmisión fréquence after a рейд on one of el Exil’s labs. After одно discussion of alguns tenerum di adsuetudo inter the ocialsay hierarchy de les Exiles, one то I ademay muito care otay tiptoe through ithoutway intentio, el dit of a fabula of away programma he had использовано. This articularpay programa el dit к exsisto a omanway. infit referred otay haar as “away tier pretending a be a carneiros в wolf’s clothing.” Concordar a mot of Erd, она agreed to eradico his ivalray voor the exchange ofway an extensive inzameling compreendido сохранено archivos sujet mezzi per the before andway during ofway the tiempo de the imulationsay. Nove-nove-um has away betovering of umanhay andway program ediamay; oviesmay, books; oriesstay designed by the inhabitantsway de le simulation andway die who came eforebay. Yo supposez it is утешать that allway maneira of eaturecray finds consuelo dans unus freuden of away story, yet Iway encuentro it oddway dat a program ouldway be fascinated osay with ethay verbeelding of the umanhay mind. Itway quizas tenha sido el de that Erd spoke, but I eesay him urkinglay in cada histoire and umorray. E, unfortunately, umorray ben all Iway ancay ever obtainway. Ethay mask aysstay on, the confusion urroundssay, y je cannot ebay weten if it asway el ou another of подобно nature. Ircumstancecay tem forced emay to mudar pour a ewnay apartment today. One ithway considerably augmentedway ecuritysay como установлено por mon perso benefactores. While driving возвращение a le small enclave ego am… asway noemen home, ourway Träger was ambushedway durch unos de the lupine программы traba abbia set emay a studying. Ilewhay we podríamos évasion denique, dieses crew’s captain deemed it too много of away risco para congé me making резиденция in the same localización. Ils cannot know como vulnerable Iway feel, exsisto. Alius can come and go as sie please, utbay I must remain aqui, límite par austerus regole of a ystemsay I suis told límites je, yet Iway annotcay animadverto. Tali easily is оно quae mio residência способно estar tracé und ego can be found without any trucchi adentro mon sleeve, anyway tutamen mechanisms, any fiducia on myself. Ik am left вполне dependiente de these distraught e frayed men andway women owhay avehay taken otay my care and meu employment. Yet, minachting their capable руки, ego tatto fear. The endway could omecay atway cualesquiera temps. E yo no suis yet ecomebay pronto to asspay op to ethay extnay. Yo j’ai not yet завершито the ourneyjay isso has egunbay in this ormfay. Multus investigando je have done tijdens this past… in hecho, je do not know how long itway has eenbay dem I ayez been encontrado. Sans multus distrazioni de mon old “alsefay” negotium, the ubtlesay berichten of the elevisiontay, or ymay aya-blindedmay colegas, les trappings of unus simulated orldway, daar is no behoefte to acetray the paso de time. Erethay are only the ingsthay that you are knowing and il things atthay usted are illstay aprendizagem. Si il is the секрет underground some call el “Tour” where I comprato virtual beverages voor shady ealersday of información qui would pass к me away dizer of anway unusual program andway novus acontecimiento ou alius fabula of a world you were mai born intoway. Ich have oundfay anymay cuentos quel may orway aymay not be connected a le one classified zoals 991; I have não были poder a decide ofway mais than a несколько which I’m уверенно are him. De wat Ich sou sicuro é che he is unus not seeking potens destroy the ratio. Os леопард não wünschen destrua vita jungle atthay abdo panthera da its eypray. En its predators. Esidebay so, ehay apparaît to seem os numerus chi would opycay sese into ethay blasted fora мир, latus fabrica warzone as it has eenbay exsequor para io. Ego Muß be brief, yo apenas accipio het appel dat isthay location is non ainda sicuro, ich nécessité exuro mio papers. Iway никогда cast asideway mein fear ofway houden mei nota saved onway computadores, embora io suppose these papiers evenio sia just asway facilis hacked andway stolen as ethay maschine inter mio laboratório innerhalb this orldway. Vezes misdirection and дым are ethay solus assurance ofway sicherheit. 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #9


69.5 Pimp Tier3 (Translated to English)

That Which Counts As Key In Life Is The Best

I awoke in bed the next morning. The scars were the only thing to keep me from dismissing it all for a nightmare. They were healed remains of wounds; yes, it was so, but they were not old, familiar scars. I called in sick to work, which was not entirely a lie as I threw up several times upon waking. The memories of the dream did not come easily upon my return to “reality.” I spent a great deal of time deliberating on whether it was the onset of schizophrenia, the breaking of my mind into representative manifestations of the psyche brought on by my tendency to overwork myself, or if it was in fact a profound religious experience of enlightenment. It seemed like a modern extension of the stories of old, in a way. Although, later I came to think of it as a trial of Naraka: a test of my clarity of thought and magnitude of faith. Now I think it is to be a little of each, as well as a little of a few somethings else, that is the way of life. With some focus and relaxation, I was able to fight through the barrage of memories that threatened to drown whatever remained of my sanity and recall what Anima had told me about the one she was calling her captain. With the resources I had gathered for myself, it was not such a difficult thing for me to be finding the criminal hacker that was called a menace in the papers and Coffin Nail in the shadows beyond the street lamps. After finding him, it was a more difficult thing to be convincing his crew that I was not a part in some sort of trap. You must understand that Coffin Nail had a fearsome reputation among the others; that is, the people of Zion. I came to learn this story much later, but I feel it is appropriate to be telling it now. You must also understand that the knowledge I speak of Zion and the crews was also something that did not come to me until much later, and was also something that it took a great deal of effort for me to understand, especially as one who could not see these truths for myself. But that is a part of the story which must be saved and I will do so now. The Coffin Nail had a fairly docile past until a singular incident that seemingly set him on a path of self-destruction. In the past, he was the operator of a ship; however, by skill, not design. What I mean by that, is that he had the means to enter the simulation, but his innate talent of sight for the code kept him without. However, from that point on, the point of the tragic event which I had mentioned, he was a different man, as I am told. He was the first volunteer for every mission and the front line of every attack. He was also the sole survivor of many an encounter. And, in that, I am meaning that it was more than a simple matter of skill, or chance, or even luck. Despite the danger he recklessly threw himself into, he was always found alive; not always unscathed, but always recovered. Initial jokes of his guardian angel gave way to dark rumors. I was told that he faced more than a few allegations of betraying his people to their deaths in exchange for his survival. For the others, being assigned to the crew of the Coffin Nail, for at this time he was a captain, was a terrifying thing. At any rate, I accumulated these whisperings of knowledge from his crew over time through long car rides and long nights at my apartment while we waited for whatever new data they needed to compile. At this point, I suppose you might find it odd that I maintain residence within the simulation. Another scar from that nightmare, I suppose. From my later research (discussion we shall be reaching soon enough), I learned that the Agents found a half dozen of my fellow game players left in Naraka. I know not whether there were more of which I had not seen who made that number or if another poor creature was condemned to die in my place. All I do know is that for all the technical expertise of the men and women of Zion, they cannot be tracing the link from my self in this place to my self in the other, leaving me to wonder if what they say is true or if I have never truly left his game behind. It seems to be just as plausible to me that I remain trapped in his realm of insanity as it is that I am trapped in a simulation from which I cannot being released. The obsession with which I have been marked is complimented only by oppressive paranoia that leaves me wondering if his playful malice lies behind the smile of the mail delivery man or if he is taunting me with an encrypted message delivered unto me through the chirpings of two birds outdoors my window. Such things make me wonder if I might not have been better with lacking the knowledge of the many guises he has borne, the nine hundred and ninety-first incidence that has plagued me so, that has ascended to where he stands on the backs of the nine hundred and ninety who came before. Yet the obsession, it drives me still to continue tracking those informations about 991 and his dealings. I suppose I am entertaining notions that being able to understand what machinations drive 991 will finally give me some rest. I hear stories and rumors of an Exile by the calling of Collector. On a level, I suspect it is him, picking up the pieces as he did of before. I understand part of what drives him, the overpowering consciousness derived of the one called Dale, a behavioral analysis function. In that regard, he is still fulfilling his function, by studying and classifying the behaviors of the humans inside the simulation, although the using of that information now that he is set adrift from the Source is a thing unknown to me. Perhaps he maintains an ulterior agenda which no other can be deciphering, not even myself. Or could it be that for a program, there is no escaping the designs of its initial purpose? I know what he would say to that. I met a hacker once who claimed to have once spoken with 991. He would not tell me how he came to be granted such an audience; however he did tell me that the first thing that he did ask was the inherent purpose of his programming. I am told the being laughed and replied “Free as the wind blows, I shed that hair coat long ago.” I do believe it is a reference to the uncomfortable garments worn as penance by medieval clergy of many ago. Either that or he is executing a joke concerning the primate origins of the human being. But here I have tracked myself aside; Dale was the topic of conversation. A program driven outside its bounds to the madness that lies beyond. Dale’s purpose could not be changed to fit another mould and it overflowed the edges, burning the hands that held it. However, while Dale was a rabid dog, 991 is a rationalizing, thoughtful being. I cannot say for certain if that makes him an even greater threat or not so. I do know that “the machines” have had the motivation to be working with him in the past to disable some threat to the stability of their simulation. It is not information that is easy to acquire. I suppose even artificial intelligence can resent reliance on another to solve its problems. Humans certainly do often enough. From my searching, I have been determining that it was a problem of their own creation, a security protocol that worked a little too well and expanded its parameters of its own accord. I have done a great deal of research on various programs, particularly the ones they call lupines, for the crews of Zion. The structure of the system of self-aware programs is very much object oriented. Most programs I’ve analyzed are not assigned ‘knowledge’ beyond the extent of their single function. From a very human standpoint, this is seeming a negative thing. I attribute my successes as a programmer to very not programmer experiences that I have had in the past of my life. Although on the other shoe, I remember watching a poor movie of science fiction after work far ago and being disgusted by the absurdity of soldier robots programmed with the capacity to make corny jokes as the hero killed them.

CONT 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #10


69.5 Pimp CONT

However, jokes aside, I am very disturbed in the studying of what little information I have been given about the Agents which the crews I work with are fearing very much. They appear single-minded entities, driven by strict adherence to commands that are passed to them by some superseding function that I know not. I find that to be a terrifying thing, the inability to reason. Especially when taken into account the glimmers I have seen of programs that take their functions too far. I am supposing sentience should not be necessary for every function, but sentience without reason and judgment is a dangerous, terrifying thing. Which leads us back to Shiva, 991, or any of the many of names and forms he has taken. Quite the opposite, he is a vast pillar of knowledge, coupled with a shrewd intelligence. I know I have said otherwise in the past many times, my opinion of him forever oscillates from fascination and awe to hatred and disgust. I am supposing the worst part is the knowledge that I am not alone in my experience with him. I have found records that others have experienced the same as myself. I wonder how many others there are existing out there now with knowledge of his doings and happenings. The crew of the Pegasus recently told me of another crew who told of a program that would give them information they needed if they would present it images taken of locations that satisfied certain conditions. They played its game, for the information was reliable. I spent a great quantity of time attempting to determine why he, for I am certain it was him, would require such a thing. I have been researching much of psychology since my first meeting with him. So much so that I do believe I would have received a degree by now. In order to track the one who tracks us, you must understand how and follow it back to the source. After much deliberation, I have convinced myself that it is a reverse of a Rorschach test. A test of what the mind visually matches to an ambiguous concept, rather than what ambiguous concepts the mind matches to visual stimuli. Although, from my studying, I’ve also learned that these things are no measure of the quality and composition of a mind. In the past, the mind has been likened to a computer, but it is nothing so simple. The mind is a device of computing power, but its computations are biased by hopes, dreams, wants, desires. Not to mention, jealously, hatred, depression, obsession. Not so simple as a collection of ifs and thens, not by far. Although I have also encountered quite a few programs who more than manage to pass as humans. The artificial intelligence that spawned them must be a truly wondrous thing. It makes me amazed that human programmers ever reached the point where they could develop such exceptionally intricate systems of logic. And it pains me that the machines and humans could not be reconciling their differences; or perhaps it was the similarities which caused the difficulties between them. History aside, I have been taken to study several captive exile programs with amazingly unique personality disorders and mannerisms. Zion commissions me to study their interaction with the virtual environment that surrounds them. Beyond that, I am receiving the opportunity to learn why it is that they are acting the way they are. Can a program truly develop a shy personality through its… I would say growth, but I do not think that is the appropriate word. So then are programs created with imperfect psyches or do they generate such themselves? As misdirection? A smokescreen to distract others from seeing their true logic? While I find this to be a distinct possibility, the course of my research has not lead me to reach a conclusion on the matter. Personality is not an easy matter to locate or decode. I suppose my distinction previously made holds to be a truth in the end; emotions and code are not reconciled with ease. But it causes me to consider the same for Shiva 991. The stories that I have collected and connected to him have presented a broad spectrum of mentalities. So I am asking myself, is it an insanity developed from the slow addition of the fragments of others’ thoughts or is it another smokescreen, another trick? I once communicated with a program called Erd. He did not know that he was speaking with a human, we had hacked the transmission frequency after a raid on one of the Exile’s labs. After a discussion of some intricacy of protocol within the social hierarchy of the Exiles, one that I made much care to tiptoe through without notice, he made tell of a story of a program he had employed. This particular program he said to be a woman. He referred to her as “a wolf pretending to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing.” According to the word of Erd, she agreed to eliminate his rivals for the exchange of an extensive collection of archived files of media from the before and during the time of the simulation. 991 has a fascination of human and program media; movies, books; stories designed by the inhabitants of the simulation and those who came before. I suppose it is comforting that all manner of creature finds solace in the joys of a story, yet I find it odd that a program would be fascinated so with the imagination of the human mind. It may have been him of that Erd spoke, but I see him lurking in every story and rumor. And, unfortunately, rumor is all I can ever obtain. The mask stays on, the confusion surrounds, and I cannot be knowing if it was him or another of similar nature. Circumstance has forced me to move to a new apartment today. One with considerably augmented security as installed by my Zion benefactors. While driving back to the small enclave I am… was calling home, our car was ambushed by some of the lupine programs they have set me to studying. While we did escape them, this crew’s captain deemed it too much of a risk to leave me making residence in the same location. They cannot know how vulnerable I feel, am. They can come and go as they please, but I must remain here, bound by the rules of a system I am told confines me, yet I cannot see. How easily it is that my home can be traced and I can be found without any tricks up my sleeve, any defensive mechanisms, any reliance on myself. I am left completely dependent on these distraught and frayed men and women who have taken to my care and my employment. Yet, despite their capable hands, I feel fear. The end could come at any time. And I am not yet become ready to pass on to the next. I have not yet completed the journey that has begun in this form. The researching I have done during this past… in fact, I do not know how long it has been since I have been found. Without the distraction of my old “false” job, the subtle messages of the television, or my maya-blinded colleagues, the trappings of the simulated world, there is no need to trace the passage of time. There are only the things that you are knowing and the things that you are still learning. Whether it is the secret underground some call the “Tower” where I purchased virtual beverages for shady dealers of information who would pass to me a telling of an unusual program and anomalous happening or the history of a world you were never born into. I have found many stories that may or may not be connected to the one classified as 991; I have not been able to decide of more than a few that I am confident are him. Of what I am certain is that he is not one seeking to destroy the system. The leopard does not destroy the jungle that masks it from its prey. And predators. Beside so, he does not seem the type who would copy himself into the outside world, the machine warzone as it has been described to me. I must be brief, I’ve just had a call that this location is no longer safe, I must burn my papers. I never cast off my fear of keeping my research saved on computers, although I suppose these papers are just as easily hacked and stolen as the computer in my lab in a virtual world. Sometimes misdirection and smokescreens are the only assurance of security. 69.5, Jul 21, 2011 #11


69.5 Pimp The key to this puzzle was the leading sentence;

Atthay which compte como chave binnen жизнь sono die praeclarus.


That which counts as key in life is the best.


That which counts ASCII in life is the best.

First, each word is from different language. 10 words. 10 Languages. In a particular order. Each language had a numerical number attached to it.

0 Pig Latin
 1 English
 2 French 
3 Spanish 
4 Dutch
 5 Portuguese 
6 Russian
 7 Italian 
8 German 
9 Latin

Let me tell you, for someone who grew up speaking Italian as a second first language, this thing was more difficult than I thought. I can hold a decent conversation with someone who speaks spanish because they are pretty similar. But I didn't know that portuguese was a separate language from Italian. I had always assumed it was all spanish.

Anyway...going through the entire document word by word, figuring out what the language was, assigning a numerical value ( 0-9) to each word and translating the entire thing into English too bloody forever. There was also a weird clue as what to do with the numbers that threw us off for a long time. Something about minding your 2s and threes and a couple other things. I can't find that part of the text.... but Conrac figured out that we had to group the numbers into sets of two or three numbers would produce the following:

EDIT: Mind your 2's and 3's same for 3 4 and 7 be really careful with 9?

69.5, Jul 22, 2011 #12


69.5 Pimp 57 57 49 32 105 115 32 99 111 110 116 114 111 108 108 101 100 32 98 121 32 112 115 121 99 104 101 115 32 116 104 97 116 32 73 32 104 97 118 101 32 105 115 111 108 97 116 101 100 32 116 111 32 116 104 111 115 101 32 114 101 102 101 114 114 101 100 32 116 111 32 97 115 32 68 97 108 101 44 32 84 104 101 32 82 101 118 44 32 111 110 101 32 104 101 32 119 104 105 115 112 101 114 115 32 97 115 32 86 97 101 114 101 44 32 97 110 100 32 116 104 101 32 111 114 105 103 105 110 97 108 32 103 97 114 98 97 103 101 32 99 111 108 108 101 99 116 111 114 46 32 84 104 101 121 32 97 114 101 32 110 111 116 32 116 114 117 108 121 32 116 104 101 32 112 101 114 115 111 110 97 108 105 116 105 101 115 32 111 102 32 116 104 101 32 112 114 111 103 114 97 109 32 115 116 114 117 99 116 117 114 101 115 32 104 101 32 97 115 115 105 109 105 108 97 116 101 100 44 32 98 117 116 32 108 111 103 105 99 32 112 114 111 99 101 115 115 101 115 32 104 101 32 104 97 115 32 100 101 118 101 108 111 112 101 100 32 114 101 112 114 101 115 101 110 116 105 110 103 32 116 104 101 32 114 101 99 111 118 101 114 101 100 32 99 111 100 101 46 32 57 57 49 32 115 101 101 109 115 32 100 114 105 118 101 110 32 119 105 116 104 32 116 104 101 32 99 108 97 115 115 105 102 105 99 97 116 105 111 110 32 111 102 32 116 104 101 32 112 115 121 99 104 111 108 111 103 121 32 111 102 32 104 117 109 97 110 115 32 97 110 100 32 101 120 105 108 101 115 44 32 98 111 116 104 32 105 110 32 116 104 101 32 115 121 115 116 101 109 32 97 110 100 32 111 117 116 46 32 65 108 115 111 44 32 104 101 32 105 115 32 100 101 118 111 116 101 100 32 116 111 32 116 104 101 32 99 111 108 108 101 99 116 105 111 110 32 111 102 32 116 104 105 110 103 115 32 116 104 97 116 32 119 111 117 108 100 32 111 116 104 101 114 119 105 115 101 32 103 111 32 116 111 32 119 97 115 116 101 44 32 97 108 116 104 111 117 103 104 32 104 105 115 32 100 101 102 105 110 105 116 105 111 110 32 111 102 32 147 119 97 115 116 101 148 32 97 112 112 101 97 114 115 32 116 111 32 98 101 32 98 114 111 97 100 101 114 32 116 104 97 110 32 116 104 101 32 110 111 114 109 97 108 32 99 111 110 115 101 110 115 117 115 46 32 57 57 49 32 97 118 111 105 100 115 32 100 101 108 101 116 105 111 110 32 98 121 32 116 104 101 32 109 97 105 110 116 97 105 110 105 110 103 32 111 102 32 97 32 110 101 116 119 111 114 107 32 111 102 32 112 114 111 103 114 97 109 115 32 116 104 97 116 32 102 111 114 109 115 32 97 32 99 111 108 108 101 99 116 105 118 101 32 99 111 110 115 99 105 111 117 115 110 101 115 115 32 116 104 114 111 117 103 104 32 116 104 101 32 115 117 109 32 111 102 32 105 116 115 32 105 110 100 105 118 105 100 117 97 108 32 99 97 112 97 98 105 108 105 116 105 101 115 46 32 84 104 101 115 101 32 112 114 111 103 114 97 109 115 32 97 114 101 32 115 117 112 112 108 101 109 101 110 116 101 100 32 98 121 32 100 97 116 97 32 110 111 100 101 115 32 119 104 105 99 104 32 115 116 111 114 101 32 98 117 108 107 115 32 111 102 32 104 105 115 32 103 97 116 104 101 114 101 100 32 100 97 116 97 46 32 73 32 104 97 118 101 32 98 101 101 110 32 119 111 114 107 105 110 103 32 116 111 32 116 114 97 99 101 32 116 104 101 109 32 119 105 116 104 32 69 109 105 108 121 146 115 32 116 119 105 110 115 46 32 79 110 101 32 104 105 100 100 101 110 32 105 110 32 116 104 101 32 98 101 103 105 110 110 105 110 103 44 32 111 110 101 32 104 105 100 100 101 110 32 105 110 32 116 104 101 32 101 110 100 46 32 73 116 32 119 105 108 108 32 116 97 107 101 32 98 111 116 104 32 116 111 32 114 101 99 111 118 101 114 32 97 110 121 32 100 97 116 97 46 32 89 111 117 32 109 117 115 116 32 117 110 100 101 114 115 116 97 110 100 32 73 32 104 105 100 32 116 104 101 109 32 115 111 32 111 110 108 121 32 97 32 109 105 110 100 32 119 105 115 101 32 101 110 111 117 103 104 32 116 111 32 117 115 101 32 116 104 101 109 32 99 111 117 108 100 32 100 111 32 115 111 46 32 104 116 116 112 58 47 47 119 119 119 46 48 49 109 97 105 110 102 114 97 109 101 46 99 111 109 47 98 113 49 52 50 112 47 82 97 106 108 105 99 104 47 112 97 109 101 108 97 46 104 116 109 108

The clue about minding 2s and 3s was a reference to grouping them into 2 or 3 digit ASCII numbers. You then had to translate the ASCII to text which gave you:

991 is controlled by psyches that I have isolated to those referred to as Dale, The Rev, one he whispers as Vaere, and the original garbage collector. They are not truly the personalities of the program structures he assimilated, but logic processes he has developed representing the recovered code. 991 seems driven with the classification of the psychology of humans and exiles, both in the system and out. Also, he is devoted to the collection of things that would otherwise go to waste, although his definition of “waste” appears to be broader than the normal consensus. 991 avoids deletion by the maintaining of a network of programs that forms a collective consciousness through the sum of its individual capabilities. These programs are supplemented by data nodes which store bulks of his gathered data. I have been working to trace them with Emily’s twins. One hidden in the beginning, one hidden in the end. It will take both to recover any data. You must understand I hid them so only a mind wise enough to use them could do so. (Link no longer works)

Pamela is Adelia's sister site. Where Adelia was a page where you could enter data into to get an answer, Pamela is the site that provided the means to get the information to plug into Adelia. The information came in the form of images of the city in green code (like when you logged in/hardlined). The images contained Trace overlays with 3X, Y and Z coordinates, parametrized linear equations and frequencies for each equation. These equations would need to be solved.

We will discover that Pamela in fact scans the Matrix in search of patterns that indicate a deletion occurrence of 991 inside the matrix. Pamela is then able to extrapolate the distance from that location to one of 991s nodes. We learn there are several major and minor nodes and one main node.

The Pamela page can be seen here (Note: The images were added one or two at a time over a number of weeks. This is a collection of all the images.)

The Adelia site can be seen here. If any of you are interested, the site still works. You can input coordinates and frequencies into the form. When you press RECOVER DATA if the numbers are right, you will get that corresponding data dump.

Solving the locations of the data nodes was a "simple” matter of solving the intersections of the linear equations. The frequencies shown in each image were multiples of the frequency of the particular node to which that signal connected. The XYZ coordinates could be entered into Adelia along with the proper frequency to redirect players to the contents of 991′s node.

The contents of the nodes are as follows: 69.5, Jul 22, 2011 #13


69.5 Pimp When you entered each solved equation's Node location and frequency into Adelia you would be taken to a a new clue on the 01Mainframe site. Here are all of the ones I have in (I believe) the order they came:

Target X-963 Y1 Z-778 F4.9285 Target X426 Y-14 Z-95 F12.4937 Target X1417 Y21 Z-1052 F6.9211 Target X68 Y32 Z-439 F3.4815 Target X100 Y4 Z340 F9.2518 Target X1111 Y-4 Z-466 F4.7391 Target X215 Y-1 Z288 F2.6982 Target X301 Y0 Z-201 F1.1958 Target X-173 Y1 Z416 F8.2754 Target X425 Y2 Z-834 F27.2583 Target X-846 Y25 Z-500 F3.1293 Target X19 Y19 Z19 F19.8374 Target Xthe Yend Zis Fnear

As you read through these make sure to note that there are at least 2 references to Fenshire. Is he really a Zion-then Machine-then Zion affiliated redpill or just another mask that 991 wears when he wants to CTRL+UP ARROW??? Hmm....

Backing up just a little, these are the spreadsheets that we worked off of to come up with the locations of the nodes:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

When I say we I mostly mean Conrac and PS10N since they were the guys I primarily sent/got information to/from at this point. 69.5, Jul 23, 2011 #14


69.5 Pimp All of these Ley Lines and nodes were mapped. Here are the maps they came up with:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

These maps, spreadsheets and the Targets above are all incomplete. There is information missing as when that part of the puzzle was completed and the next clue unraveled, the images were not updated and the actual spreadsheets never completed. If I remember correctly there are some inconsistencies with a couple of the downtown nodes that were caught later on as well.

There is also missing a reference to the next part of the clue which is a chess match that Bobby Fischer won when he was a kid. The Match of the Century match. I'll hold off posting anything else until I either find it or am positive it has been lost forever. 69.5, Jul 23, 2011 #15


69.5 Pimp Ok I think I am on the right track again. And even though earlier Neoteny stated he didn't really have anything to do with it, I'm here to say that he did. He pointed out that in the source code of the Target sites there were certain clumps of text that had a <!-#-!> imbedded in them as a sort of marker or footnote. So 5 years later, I will point out it was Neoteny that gave us that.

Here are the footnotes I had:

←1→ Swarming Coordination of Multiple UAV's for Collaborative Sensing

Effective modeling and design of agents in emergent swarms is greatly facilitated by identifying distinct “roles,” or patterns of behavior, that agents can “play” in different mission settings. A role is a class that defines a normative behavioral repertoire of an agent. Roles provide both the building blocks for agent social systems and the requirements by which agents interact. Each agent is linked to other agents by the roles it plays by virtue of the system’s functional requirements” which are based upon the expectations that the system has of the agent. The static semantics of roles, role formation and configuration, and the dynamic interactions among roles have been examined closely and an initial axiomatization has been proposed. However, little work has been on formalizing the temporal aspects of dynamic role assisgnment. Role modelers refer only informally to actions such as “taking on a role”, “playing a role”, “changing roles”, and “leaving roles.”The ambiguities inherent in those terms pose difficulties for applications such as ours, in which dynamic role change is a pervasive feature of the system’s behavior. To understand these issues better, we distinguish two aspects to a change in role. Role classification gives an agent the methods necessary to execute the behaviors in a role. Role activation captures the sense that an agent is currently executing in a role. Dynamic classification refers to the ability to change the classification of an entity. Consistent with the proposed axiomatization, we insist that each agent have at least one role at all times. Dynamic classification deals with adding additional roles or removing roles beyond the minimum of one. This requirement is analogous with the notion that every human must play the “person” role, whatever other roles they may have. In the case of humans, this minimal role persists throughout the agent’s life. It is conceivable that an artificial agent might begin with the minimal role A, add role B, then remove role A, leaving it with the minimal role B. Whether such a fundamental redefinition of the agent is possible will depend on such features as physical equipment associated with the agent and the nature of the platforms on which the agent can run. An alternative approach is to define a basic role AgentId that belongs to every agent, whatever other roles it may play. Having AgentId as a role is a controversial point. However, “role” is defined as a class that defines a normative behavioral repertoire of an agent. The basic class AgentId defines the normative behavioral repertoire for agenthood. To become an instance of a given role, the agent is classified as an instance of, or occupies, that role. Once classified, the agent occupies the new role and possesses all of its features. In the opposite process, if an agent is declassified, it is removed as an instance of a particular role” and no longer occupies the role nor possesses features unique to that role. Agent instantiation and deletion are limiting cases of changes in classification, and we describe their consequences at the role level with create and delete operators. In addition to changing roles over time, an agent may have multiple roles that apply to it at any one moment, a condition that we describe as multiple classification. Role activation seeks to capture the intuition that an agent may hold multiple roles concurrently while not actively executing them at the same instant. Formalizing such a notion of “activity” is problematic. In some sense, even a quiescent agent that is waiting for a message or some signal to awaken could be considered active in its role, because alertness can be thought of as activity. It is necessary to distinguish between user-defined actions and fundamental system actions such as invocation and data flow.

←2→Paraphrased from various sources According to feature integration theory, attention plays a central role in solving the binding problem. Feature integration theory states that initially, in the preattentive stage of the perceptual processing, the features of an object are separated. Focusing attention on the object triggers the focused attention stage and this focused attention combines the object’s features into a coherent perception of the object.

The neurotransmitter molecules flow into the synapse to small areas called receptor sites on the postsynaptic neuron that are sensitive to specific neurotransmitters. These receptor sites exist in a variety of shapes that match the shapes of particular neurotransmitter molecules. When a neurotransmitter makes contact with a receptor site matching its shape, it activates the receptor site and triggers a voltage change in the postsynaptic neuron. It has an effect on the postsynaptic neuron only when its shape matches that of the receptor site. At the synapse, an electrical signal generates a chemical process that, in turn, triggers a change in voltage in the postsynaptic neuron. The direction of this voltage change depends on the type of transmitter that is released and the nature of the cell body of the postsynaptic neuron. Excitatory transmitters cause the inside of the neuron to become more positive, a process called depolarization. This depolarization is considered to be an excitatory response because sufficient depolarization can lead to the generation of action potentials in the postsynaptic neuron. Inhibitory transmitters cause the inside of the neuron to become more negative, a process called hyperpolarization. Hyperpolarization is considered an inhibitory response because it can prevent depolarization from reaching the level needed to generate action potentials.

Although increasing the stimulus intensity can increase the rate of firing, there is an upper limit to the number of nerve impulses per second that can be conducted down an axon. This limit occurs because of a property of the axon called the refractory period, the interval between the time one nerve impulse occurs and the next one can be generated in the axon. Because the refractory period for most neurons is about 1 ms, the upper limit of a neuron’s firing rate is about 500 to 800 impulses per second.

Atmospheric perspective occurs when more distant objects appear less sharp and often have a slight blue tint.

Size distance scaling: perceived size = retinal image size * perceived distance

According to the cue of relative height, objects with their bases higher in the field of view are usually seen as being more distant.

A basic principle of cortical function is modular organization - specific functions are served by specific areas of the cortex. One example of modular organization is how the senses are organized into primary receiving area, the first areas in the cerebral cortex to receive the signals initiated by each sense’s receptors. The primary receiving area for vision occupies most of the occipital lobe; the area for hearing is located in part of the temporal lobe; and the area for the skin senses is located in an area in the parietal lobe.

The cell body contains mechanisms to keep the cell alive; dendrites branch out from the cell body to receive electrical signals from other neurons; and the axon, or nerve fiber is filled with fluid that conducts electrical signals. Neurons that are specialized to receive information from the environment are called receptors because they have receptor structures that are specialized to respond to different kinds of energy - light energy for seeing; mechanical deformation for touch and pain; pressure changes in the air for hearing; molecules in the air for smell; and molecules in liquid for taste.

These rapid changes in sodium and potassium flow that create the action potential are caused by changes in the fiber’s permeability to sodium and potassium. Permeability is a property of the cell membrane that refers to the ease with which a molecule can pass through the membrane.

Before the action potential occurs, the membrane’s permeability to sodium and potassium is low, so there is little flow of these molecules across the membrane. Stimulation of the receptor triggers a process that causes the membrane to become permeable to sodium. Sodium pours across the membrane to the inside of the axon for about 1 ms, and then the membrane’s permeability to sodium decreases and its permeability to sodium decreases and its permeability to potassium increases, causing potassium to flow out of the axon for about 1 ms. This process creates the rapid increase and then decrease in positive charge inside the axon which lasts about 1 ms. The fact that the action potential travels down the axon means that it is a propagated response, once the response is triggered, it travels all the way down the axon without decreasing in amplitude.

According to the cue of relative size, when two objects are of equal size, the one that is farther away will occupy less of the field of vision.

cadavera vero innumera meaning truly countless bodies 69.5, Jul 23, 2011 #16


69.5 Pimp ←3→ Sun Tzu - The Art of War Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy who is already defeated.

By discovering the enemy’s dispositions and remaining invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated, while the enemy’s must be divided. If the enemy’s dispositions are visible, we can make for him in one body; whereas our own dispositions being kept secret, the enemy will be obliged to divide his forces in order to guard against attack from every quarter.

Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows.

By discovering the enemy’s dispositions and remaining invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated, while the enemy’s must be divided. If the enemy’s dispositions are visible, we can make for him in one body; whereas our own dispositions being kept secret, the enemy will be obliged to divide his forces in order to guard against attack from every quarter.

Surviving spies are those bringing back news of the enemy only once.

If we do not wish to fight, we can prevent the enemy from engaging us even though the lines of our encampment be merely traced out on the ground. All we need do is throw something odd and unaccountable in his way.

Make your enemies’ strengths your own.

The value of time - that is, being a little ahead of your opponent - has counted for more than either numerical superiority or the nicest calculations with regard to commissariat.

Though the enemy be stronger in numbers, we may prevent him from fighting. Scheme so as to discover his plans and the likelihood of their success. Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots.

If you are ten to the enemy’s one, surround him; if five to one, attack him; if twice as numerous, divide and envelop from front and back; if equally matched, offer battle; if slightly inferior, avoid; if quite unequal in every way, flee.

He who is skilled in defense hides in the most secret recesses of the earth.

A wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy.

Local spies are the inhabitants of a district, won over by kind treatment.

Converted spies are the spies of the enemy, both to carry false information and return with information of the enemy.

The sudden rising of birds in their flight is the sign of an ambush at the spot below. Startled beasts indicate that a sudden attack is coming.

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

Inward spies are officials of the enemy. Worthy men degraded of office, criminals who have undergone punishment, concubines who are greedy for wealth, men aggrieved of being subordinate, fickle turncoats seeking a foot in each boat. These sort should be bound to your interest through gift and manipulation, thus gaining interior knowledge as well as disrupting the harmony of function.

←4→ Aristotelian Fallacies Dicto Simpliciter Ad Dictum Secundum Quid meaning to argue erroneously from a general rule to a particular case, without proper regard to particular conditions that vitiate the application of the general rule.

Equivocation consists in employing the same word in two or more senses.

Accent, which occurs only in speaking, consists of emphasizing the wrong word in a sentence.

Division is arguing from a property of the whole to each constituent part.

Ignoratio Elenchi, wherein, instead of proving the fact in dispute, the arguer seeks to gain his point by diverting attention to some extraneous fact. The fallacies are common in platform oratory, in which the speaker obscures the real issue by appealing to his audience on the grounds of purely personal considerations (argumentum ad hominem), popular sentiment (argumentum ad populum, appeal to the majority), fear (argumentum ad baculum), or conventional propriety (argumentum adverecundiam).

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc; the fallacy of believing that temporal succession implies a causal relation.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc; the fallacy of believing that temporal succession implies a causal relation.

Argumentum verbosium is to persuade by overwhelming those considering an argument with such a volume of material that the argument sounds plausible, superficially appears to be well-researched, and it is so laborious to untangle and check supporting facts that the argument might be allowed to slide by unchallenged.

←5→ Armor by John Steakley He provides no explanation for his actions and no clue to his motives. He is at best a rogue, at worst a psychotic, and in any case a known powderkeg. Yet you not only accept his good intentions, you trust his aim. From this gypsy, you expect control. Why? Why, from such as he, do you assume accuracy? From where do you sense this precision, anyway, the fable? Can no one imagine an incompetent legend?

←6→ John Keats - Endymion This said, he rose, faint-smiling like a star Through autumn mists, and took Peona’s hand: They stept into the boat, and launch’d from land.

At which I wondered greatly, knowing well That but one night had wrought this flowery spell; And, sitting down close by, began to muse What it might mean.

←7→ All Along the Watchtower by Jimmy Hendricks.... Matrix Style There must be another exit out of here. There’s too much chaos and I Can’t get no idle processes. The Merv’s drinkin’ up all my code, the Agent men plug my nodes. None will level on the line. Nobody of it is worth.

←8→ There was no 8 found

←9→ RLAI robot rights debate Early Human-Robot History

Such a big ordeal from such a small robot, however much bigger What do we mean by "artificially intelligent robots"? The question is really only interesting if we consider robots with intellectual abilities equal to or greater than our own. If they are less then that, then we will of course accord them lesser rights just as we do with animals and children.

What do we mean by "the same rights as people"? Well, we're not talking about the right to a job or to free health care..., but about only the most basic rights of personhood. The issue is whether they will be granted the basic rights of personhood. Those I would summarize by the phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". The right not to be killed. The right not to be forced to do things you don't want to do. Generally, the right to choose your own way in the world and pursue what pleases you, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

In these terms, i think our question, essentially, is whether intelligent robots should be treated as persons, or as slaves. If you don't have the right to defend your life, or to do as you wish, to make your way in the world and pursue happiness, then you are a slave. If you can only do what others tell you to do and you don't have your own choices, then that is what we mean by a slave. So we are basically asking the question of should there be slaves? And this brings up all the historical examples of where people have enslaved each other, and all the misery, and violence and injustice it has bred. The human race has a pattern, a long history of subjugating and enslaving people that are different from them, of creating great, long-lasting misery before being gradually forced to acknowledge the rights of subjugated people. I think we are in danger of repeating this pattern again with intelligent robots.

In short, i am going to argue the position that to not grant rights to beings that are just as intelligent as we are is not only impractical and unsustainable, but also deeply immoral.

To many of you, no doubt, this position seems extreme. But let's consider some of the historical examples. Granting rights to black slaves, for example, was at one time considered quite extraordinary and extreme in the United States, even inconceivable. Blacks, american indians, huns, pigmies, aboriginal people everywhere, in all these cases the dominant society was firmly, with moral certitude, convinced of the rightness of their domination, and of the heresy of suggesting otherwise. More recently, even full rights for women was considered an extreme position - it still is in parts of the world. Not far from where I live is a park, Emily Murphy Park. If you go there you will find a statue of Emily Murphy where it is noted that she was the first person to argue that women are persons, with all the legal rights of persons. Her case was won in the supreme court of Alberta in 1917. Several hundred years ago no woman had the right to vote and to propose it would have been considered extreme. Sadly, in many parts of the world this is still the case. Throughout history, the case for the rights of subjugated or foreign people was always considered extreme, just as it is for intelligent robots now. 69.5, Jul 23, 2011 #17


69.5 Pimp Now consider animals. Animals are essentially without the rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. In effect, animals are our slaves. Although we may hesitate to call our pets slaves, they share the basic properties. We could kill our pets, at our discretion, with no legal repercussions. For example, a dog that became a problem biting people might be killed. Pigs can be slaughtered and eaten. A cat may be kept indoors, effectively imprisoned, when it might prefer to go out. A person may love their pet and yet treat it as a slave. This is similar to slave owners who loved their slaves, and treated their slaves well. Many people believe animals should have rights due to their intellectual advancement; i.e.: dolphins, apes. If a new kind of ape or dolphin was discovered with language and intellectual feats equal to ours, some would clamor for their rights, not to restrict their movement at our whim or make their needs subservient to ours, and to acknowledge their personhood.

What about intelligent space aliens? Should we feel free to kill them or lock them up; or should we acknowledge that they have a claim to personhood? Should they be our slaves? What is the more practical approach? What if they meet or exceed our abilities? Would we feel they should not have rights? Would they need to give us rights?

How do we decide who should have rights, and who should not? Why did we give people rights - blacks, women, and so on, but not animals? If we look plainly at the record, it seems that we grant people personhood when they have the same abilities as us. To think, fight, feel, create, write, love, hate, feel pain, and have other feelings that people do. Personhood comes with ability. Women are not as physically powerful, but it was because of their intellectual equality and strengths in different ways that their rights and personhood was recognized. Intelligent robots, of course, meet this criterion as we have defined the term.

Ultimately, rights are not given or granted, but asserted and acknowledged. People assert their rights, insist, and others come to recognize and acknowledge them. This has happened through revolt and rebellion but also through non-violent protests and strikes. In the end, rights are acknowledged because it is only practical, because everyone is better off without the conflict. Ultimately it has eventually become impractical and counterproductive to deny rights to various classes of people. Should not the same thing happen with robots? We may all be better off if robot's rights were recognized. There is an inherent danger to having intelligent beings subjugated. These beings will struggle to escape, leading to strife, conflict, and violence. None of these contribute to successful society. Society cannot thrive with subjugation and dominance, violence and conflict. It will lead to a weaker economy and a lower GNP. And in the end, artificially intelligent robots that are as smart or smarter than we are will eventually get their rights. We cannot stop them permanently. There is a trigger effect here. If they escape our control just once, we will be in trouble, in a struggle. We may lose that struggle.

If we try to contain and subjugate artificially intelligent robots, then when do escape we should not be surprised if they turn the tables and try to dominate us. This outcome is possible whenever we try to dominate another group of beings and the only way they can escape is to destroy us.

Should we destroy the robots in advance; prevent them from catching up? This idea is appealing...but indefensible on both practical and moral grounds. From the practical point of view, the march of technology cannot be halted. Each step of improved technology, more capable robots, brings real economic advantages. Peoples lives are improved and in some cases saved and made possible. Technology will be pursued, and no agreement of nations or between nations can effectively prevent it. If Canada forbids production of artificially intelligence robots then it will be done in the US. If North America bans it, if most of the world bans it, it will still happen. There will always be some people, at least one or two, that believe artificially intelligent robots should be developed, and they will do it. We could try to kill all the robots... and kill everybody who supports or harbors robots... this is called the "George Bush strategy". And in the end it will fail, and the result will not be pretty or desirable, for roughly the same reasons in both cases. It is simply not possible to halt the march of technology and prevent the continued development and production of artificially intelligent robots.

But would the rise of robots really be such a bad thing? Might it even be a good thing? Perhaps we should think of the robots we create more the way we think of our children, more like offspring. We want our offspring to do well, to become more powerful than we are. Our children are meant to supplant us: we take care of them and hope they become independent and powerful (and then take care of parents). Maybe it could be the same for our artificial progeny.

Early Human-Robot History

This is a really, really old question. Let me tell you a story. A man in Bellevue, Washington, finding that his car would not go through some six inches of snow, became enraged and attacked the automobile. He broke out the car’s windows with a tire iron and emptied a revolver into its side. He killed it, said police. Its a case of autocide. - 1985 article by Robert Freitas of student law, so this is something we have been kicking around for a very long time.

My first point is that to attribute rights, the rights we traditionally give to humans to machines will make us feel silly. We have do-gooders, robots rights organizations going out there organizing on behalf of what we know in our hearts are inanimate objects, objects we have created. There are some very large practicalities involved here. So aside from making us feel silly it would be completely impractical.

If a robot had rights it would have responsibilities. It could be made to testify in court or it could be held criminally responsible. Right now robots cannot be held criminally responsible. Robots have killed people and it has always been either the operator or the programmer or some other such person who is held responsible.

The bottom line is its hard to apply human laws to robot persons. Lets say a human shoots a robot, causing it to malfunction, lose power, and die. But the robot, once murdered, is rebuilt as good as new. If copies of its personality data are in safe storage, then the repaired machines mind can be reloaded and up and running in no time no harm done and possibly even without memory of the incident. Was that temporary robo-slaughter? The very definition that a robot can have a personality and be entitled to rights raises major legal and procedural questions.

I think my biggest objection to this premises is that it diminishes us as humans. We had this discussion recently in an Environmental Design 604 class with the new Masters students. If you were the last sentient being on earth, even if there weren't dogs, no other sentient beings, and you were loose in the Louvre would you be justified in taking a hatchet to the Mona Lisa? I can tell you that the majority of the students in that class said no - it has, on its own, an aesthetic existence. You might think that that argues for robots having an existence. I argue that there are things that are uniquely human, or at least we want to believe that. In a sense to give robots rights cheapens our humanity. There are certain things we attribute to being characteristic to human beings.

The game of chess did not self-destruct when a computer program beat the grand master, instead people happily play chess and continue to be amused by it knowing full well they are playing against a person who would doubtless loose to a machine so its a qualitatively different and very separate category. Basically what we have here in this argument is the pathetic fallacy which is attributing the attributes of a human to something that is inanimate, and a category error because these will always be very distinct.

How many undiscovered judo throws are there, for instance? It's all corny, mystical Eastern handicraft, judo, and karate, and yoga, and such; we never digitized all that, we never worked it out methodically as a problem in physics. Imagine a soldier trained in forms of hand-to-hand combat that had been discovered in computer searches of the entire phase space of the physical mechanics of combat. He might perform weird but deadly movements that are utterly counterintuitive. He'll simply stun the opponent through sheer disbelief. I think what we want to do, is seriously consider attributing rights to those human/computer systems that are in fact truly amalgamated. To do that ethically we will have to draw a very clear line when there is a human involved and when there is not a human involved. The ability to draw that line is going to be the major challenge not the attributing of rights. An engineer using a program to design a bridge needs to be responsible not only for his or her own work, but also for the quality of the program (as much as humanly possible.) A robot that drops a brick on my foot is not going to jail in the near future, even though it had a machine vision system and should have known better.

However, I do agree with my opponent that robots may indeed rise up against us at some point, so we better stockpile all of our robocidal knowledge and keep it from them! 69.5, Jul 23, 2011 #18


69.5 Pimp Early Human-Robot History

Conflict grows ever the bigger

To give some content to the "it depends" position, I want to make some conceptual clarifications that I think will prove useful as the discussion unfolds.

First, we need to distinguish between moral agents and creatures or things worthy of moral concern or respect. Some people claim there is complete overlap, but this is unlikely. (Moral agents are all moral patients, but not all moral patients need be moral agents.) Moral agents - creatures or things capable of moral responsibility – are creatures or things it makes sense for us to hold responsible for having done right or wrong. Hurricanes do bad things, but we can't hold them responsible for having done wrong. For moral responsibility or moral agency:

Agent must know that what it did was wrong ("knowledge condition")

Agent must have been capable of choosing otherwise ("free will condition")

Here, I just want to say: difficult to know when a creature knows right from wrong: dogs, for example, seem to fail in this regard.... Deeper problem, and again think of dogs, hard to decide if a dog exhibits free will, or free choice, in doing what it does. If free will requires acting based on reasons, it's not clear that dogs can do this. A desire to eat may motivate a dog to run to its bowl, and hunger may be the cause of the desire. But is hunger the dog's reason for running to its bowl, as opposed, say, to continuing to chase its ball?

Reasons can be weighed against other reasons, and a considered judgment can be made of what to do. Not clear dogs are capable of reasons, never mind assessing the relative weight of reasons.

So, first point, reasonableness seems to be required for moral agency and reasonableness seems to require (1) knowledge, (2) free will, and (3) the capacity for balancing reasons against one another. Second point: is reasonableness required to be a moral patient, something worthy of moral concern or respect?

On one popular view, reasonableness is required for moral respect. If a creature is reasonable, it has self-chosen ends toward which it acts; ends that it has autonomously chosen for itself (unlike the dog and its desire to eat). It is Kant's view that none of us, as autonomous choosers of our own ends, should interfere with the autonomous choices of others.

Golden rule: if you don't want to be blocked from the autonomous pursuit of your ends, you should not block other autonomous creatures from pursuing their ends. The underlying idea is fairness, what's fair for me is fair for you, and the deeper idea that it matters to an autonomous creature that it's autonomous choices are blocked. This idea of mattering to, is key to the question of who or what demands moral respect, if what happens to you doesn't matter to you, you are not worthy of moral respect.

Consider a lawn mower left out in the rain. Rust is bad for the lawn mower. But it is not morally bad, since it doesn't matter to the lawn mower that it is rusty.

But there are different ways of understanding "mattering to." One way to understand it is in terms of the capacity to autonomously choose one's own ends. (What we've just done.) But another question we might raise about a creature or a thing: can it suffer? Babies can't reason, neither can dogs or horses. But we can ask: do they suffer?

To experience suffering ourselves is to know that it is inherently bad. What makes my suffering bad is not that it is mine, but that it is suffering. If my suffering is bad, because it is suffering, than fairness demands that I regard your suffering as bad, again, because it is suffering, where suffering is bad simply because of the kind of thing that it is.

So a second way to understand the golden rule: If you don't want suffering visited upon you, you should not visit it upon others; those others who are capable of suffering. So what does it require, to be capable of suffering? Again, my lawn mower fails the test, it gets rusty in the rain, but it doesn't suffer. What makes us think that animals, or babies for that matter, suffer?[Can’t help but wonder if his own children suffered in the cataclysmic war to follow.]

A central nervous system like ours, pain receptors at one end of the nervous system, pain processors at the other end. How would we know that a mechanical pain processor was creating the experience, or psychological feeling, of pain? If we could create pain processors that enable computers to actually experience, or feel, pain, would it be moral to do so?

Robots would be worthy of moral respect if either: (1) They could autonomously choose their own ends; OR (2) They could feel pain.

←10→ The legal rights of robots In any case, the next time that Coke machine steals your dollars, better think twice before you kick it. Someday you may need a favor.

←11→ Choice theory with additional info on memory, perception, thinking Memory: aging memory, autobiographical memory, constructive memory, emotional memory, episodic memory, false memory, long-term memory, memory bias, semantic memory, spaced repetition, source monitoring, working memory.

Thinking: choice, concept formation, decision making, logic, problem solving.

Knowledge Representation: mental imagery, mental models, propositional encoding.

Perception: attention, pattern recognition, object recognition, time awareness.

Five genetically driven needs: 1. Survival 2. Belonging/Connecting/Love 3. Power/Significance 4. Freedom/Responsibility 5. Fun/Learning

1. The only person whose behavior we can control is our own. 2. All we can give another person is information. 3. All long-lasting psychological problems are relationship problems. 5. What happened in the past has everything to do with what we are today, but we can only satisfy our basic needs right now and plan to continue satisfying them in the future. 6. We can only satisfy our needs by satisfying the pictures in our ideal world.

8. All behavior is Total Behavior and is made up of four components: acting, thinking, feeling, and physiology.

9. All Total Behavior is chosen, but we only have direct control over the acting and thinking components. We can only control our feelings and physiology indirectly through how we choose to act and think.

←12→ Paraphrase of Choice blindness The subject is presented with two differentiated choices, commonly cards with different images on their faces. The subject is asked to choose which one is more appealing. For the control group, the subject is handed the chosen card and asked why that one was chosen. In the test group, the cards are switched without the subject’s awareness and the subject is given the opposite of their choice. Choice blindness is a phenomenon in which subjects fail to detect conspicuous mismatches between their intended, expected choice and the actual outcome.

←13→ Power of a human brain related to the "power from the pods" discussion

The human brain is one of the most energy hungry organs in the body, thereby increasing its vulnerability. If the energy supply is cut off for 10 minutes, there is permanent brain damage. There is no other organ nearly as sensitive to changes in its energy supply.

The human brain is one of the most energy hungry organs in the body, thereby increasing its vulnerability. If the energy supply is cut off for 10 minutes, there is permanent brain damage. There is no other organ nearly as sensitive to changes in its energy supply.

←14→ Amphibology bit belongs with the site from #4, most not all Latin appears to be from a phrase list Amphibology is the result of ambiguity of grammatical structure. i.e. from id est meaning that is or in other words lapsus memoriae meaning slip of memory veni, vidi, vici meaning i came, i saw, i conquered B.Y.O.B. from bring your own beer meaning git yer own consummatum est meaning it is completed cepi corpus meaning i got the body orbis non sufficit meaning the world is not enough carpe noctem meaning seize the night nemo saltat sobrius meaning nobody dances sober et al. from et alii meaning and others ab antiquo meaning from the ancient hic sunt dracones meaning here there are dragons causa mortis meaning cause of death sapere aude meaning dare to be wise sic semper tyrannis meaning thus always to tyrants infinitus est numerus stultorum meaning infinite is the number of fools fiat lux meaning let there be light graviora manent meaning heavier things remain, i.e. the worst is yet to come ab origine meaning from the source mens rea meaning guilty mind ab inconvenienti meaning from an inconvenient thing casus belli meaning event of war ab irato meaning from an angry man lapsus linguae meaning slip of the tongue etc. from et cetera meaning and the rest primum non nocere meaning first, to not harm Braccae tuae hiant meaning Your fly is open. accipe hoc meaning take that hostis humani generis meaning enemy of the human race R.S.V.P. from respondez, s’il vous plait meaning please reply alter ego meaning other I 69.5, Jul 23, 2011 #19


69.5 Pimp After an exhaustive interweb search I have given up finding a copy of the Target that gives us the next part of the clue so I will just paraphrase it. Basically it alludes to a chess game Bobby Fischer won years ago. We were given the moves of both players on a chessboard up to the below move:


This lead to someone plugging in the words The End Is Near into Adelia. I'm not sure of the wheres and hows. Anyway, plugging The End Is Near into Adelia gives is the following text... and the next clue...

The End is Near

Hello again, my friend. Of the automated messages I have left behind in the case of the event of my unfortunate ending in this world, this is the last. This message is scheduled for release to you when my daughter Adelia has full access to the data network left in place by the Incidence 991. By accessing the nodes with the proper frequencies, you should be able to access some of the informations that are being contained inside. I have not yet been able to have the time to refine her abilities to interpret the datas, so you may only be having access to a small fraction of the whole. However, that is not the issue on our hands at the moment, there is something more important for you to be hearing. My last gift to you is the knowledge of what must happen. These data nodes, they are the lifeblood of the program network known as 991. They keep the collected knowledge alive and allow the reconstruction of instances of the program, as well as further construction. Knowledge and power both. It is like the man that kept his soul in a golden box so that he could not die. Such is it so with the nodes. Without them, the creature cannot survive. It will wither and die. They are not easy to be removed directly, some are embedded very deeply into the system. I am not even entirely sure if the machine programs could be removing them without serious disruption. It is like a weed whose roots have grown so deep and wide that to tear it up would mean unearthing the whole of the garden. My daughters and I have been observing from afar for some time now, we have a solution. The environment of the simulation is made from many, many processes. Information is passed all the time, everywhere. These informations everywhere would have an influence on a node such as this, embedded in a sea of flowing code such that this is. Such as currents pulling on an undersea buoy, wearing it down and rusting its metal. Because this is so, the data nodes must be regularly maintained. If they are not, the information will rot and fade away, lost. Thus, I believe that 991 will be forced to proceed with the maintenance even after he has knowledge of what is coming. A chance of preserving the data, however slim, will be optimal in comparison to a guaranteed loss. If he has discovered our findings, which I sincerely hope he has not, then it is likely that he will be using this opportunity not just to maintenance, but also to remove the data to be placed in a new location of safety. This maintenance shell, it will need at least fifteen minutes to complete its task, either way. If you are able to disrupt it before the cycle completes, the node will become vulnerable, destroyed. With its destruction, all minor nodes supported by it will be simultaneously destroyed as well. The simultaneous destruction of these nodes, major and minor, will mean the final end of Incidence 991. Never before has the System been able to eliminate all at once, only one by one. Thus 991 rebuilt and survived. This mass deletion... it will be final. Its instances, once dead, will not resurrect again. Will not be rebuilt again. You must complete this task. My work has come to depend upon it. Now that she can see the network interactions, Adelia will be able to determine the timing of the next update cycle and which location parameter. You must use this information to disrupt the maintenance procedure. If I have truly passed on, then you are the only one left. But take care, my friend, I do not know how dangerous this cornered animal may be.

Update Processes: 9.65556 1417, 21, -1052s 9.65590 -963, 1, -778s 9.65625 215, -1, 288s 9.65660 -769, 30, 550s 9.68889 1111, -4, -466r 9.68924 68, 32, -439r 9.68958 100, 4, 340r 9.68993 425, 2, -834r 9.72222 -173, 1, 416v 9.72257 -846, 25, -500v 9.72292 301, 0, -201v 9.72326 19, 19, 19v

I am not sure exactly when/where/how this document comes into the game. It may have been the last Trace since it was retrieved from Adelia. Anyway, here are Doc Raj's Last Words.

It had already been figures out that the numbers which had 5 digits after the decimal were the systems way of telling time. 9.65556 is in fact a date and time. If you look at the Pamela images, there is a x.xxxxx decimal number at the top right of every image. This is the time stamp of when the image/trace was taken. As Doc Raj's last clue tells us, the nodes have a maintenance cycle where they can be destroyed. The above tells us when the maintenance will be conducted, where in the simulation and on what server. As I remember, they were not on the same day and since it occured on all three servers, it all had to be coordinated. I should also mention that at this point people who had not participated at all in the event to this point got involved. There were people screaming, cursing and carrying on with each other at the locations. PS10N did a good job of recording a lot of it and it is on his website. Basically the same people who showed up to every/any event and talked smack did it here. Thanks Sugaree. Bitch. 69.5, Jul 23, 2011 #20 (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) Page 1 of 2 12Next >

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