Friday, our sources in an attempt to track down fugitives On behalf of the group, they found a plan that involves the seepage in the network business in the city, probably to plant a virus that could destroy the data infrastructure of the city itself . The information collected included the names of four infiltrators: Gyrho, Voleta, Raivez, and Nare11er.

Tyndall has alerted our operation, which they proceeded to hunt spies, while simultaneously our hovercraft was joined to their ship. All four indicators were localized in time, but their perimeter guards killed Voleta and Raivez, presumably to prevent them talking. Since then they had to take control of their posts and had stuck their pins to keep it away from our operational simulation, the death was permanent.

The fact is that Voleta and Raivez did not really know what they were stumbling. All four were low-level operatives, and according to the information we have pulled out of Gyrho and Nare11er, he was told just to infiltrate the corporation and to open their firewall from the inside On behalf of hackers. Promises of wealth and power they had fascinated Anome promises that probably knew it couldn't keep. Not that it matters much now.

but Anome could pay the sacrifice of his ship much more than you think. We were able to exploit knowledge of Anome's server by Nare11er to access their system and steal some data before knowing it and shut the door. They encrypted data, a method that we have previously encountered:

0001110100010000001001110011010010100000101111010011101010110110 1011100110010000001100111011011110110111101100010011001010010011 0011100110111010001100001011100100110111001101110011000010010000 0011010010111001100100000011101000111010000100000011101000110100 1001000000110111101100110011001100110100001101001011011100110011 1001000000111010001101001011011010010000001100001011011100111100 1011101110010110000100000011100110110010100100000011011100110111 1011010110110010100100000011100110110111100100000011011010110000 0011110010110111101110101001001110111010101110010011001010010000 1011011100010000001110000011011110111001001100101001000000110100 1011011110110111000101110001000000111001101101001011101000110100 1011010000010000001110100011010000100001001101111011101000110001 1011011100110010000100000010010010110100101110011001000000110000 1011000010111001000100000011101000010000001110011011101110110010 1011011000110110000100000010010010110111100100000011010000110010 0011100110110010101100101001000000010011101101100011011000010000 0011001000110010101100001011001000111100101101111011101010010000 0011011110111001001100101001000000010000001100010011001010110011 1001000000110011101100101011101000111010001101000011001010111100 0001000000010110100101101010000010010000001101101011001010010111 1000000000000000000000000000000000110111001101111011011010110010