Welcome and IntroductionEdit

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by the MxO community wiki. As you can see, articles are scarce at best right now. This is because I'm the only person who has written anything so far and it's all been w/i the past 24 hours. I'm hoping that between the upcoming character wipe and the launch some beta testers will have the time to contribute. I've linked up some blank pages of things that I think should be added by someone with more experience than me. This is a community site, so if you feel like you have something to contribute, just contribute it, there's no need to ask permission from anybody. If you have an idea for an article but don't know enough to write it yourself, feel free to either request it from this page and see if anyone bites.

Happy Gaming-

The CleansingEdit

I don't know how many of you had the opportunity to play during the end of the beta testing, but it was AWESOME. There was too much craziness going on to even describe it here for those of you who weren't able to participate, but I've posted my screenshots [here] (sorry about them being posted the reverse order, I always forget that flickr does that).


House CleaningEdit

Did a bit of house cleaning over in the Players section and mirrored the Factions section after it so could use some feedback on the format used. Also did some general work on the Missions section. Specifics are honestly not terribly important but nice. Finally, the Red Frag guide here was an older revision then the one posted over at Matrix Dojo before it was shut down so that also got a revamp. If anyone had that latest version saved somewhere, I would love a copy so just email it to me.