The Jewler was an Exile who was capable of crafting amazing ornaments, to the point where he thinks highly and exclusively of himself. He is know to be usually found in his office in Club Cyclo in the Morrell neighbourhood of Downtown.

The Jeweler is an exile who can be found on the 31st Floor of Club Cyclo in Morrell (-1430, 263, -244).

Madam T. tasked the player to raid The Jeweler's assets to obtain a mystical emerald that she wanted.

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Mission Notes
The Stones get some uncut diamonds from his assistant and deliver them.
Just a Few Questions With the diamonds a fake, Escort the assistant for some questioning
Bright Shiny Objects Confront and fight the supplier of the fake diamonds.
Fair Payment Get payment from Anti M. for a piece of jewelery, a ring.
A Girl’s Best Friend Drop off the ring from Anti M. to Beryl