Created back in the days of the games early BETA, the Children of Zion are a dedicated group of operatives dedicated to upholding the beleifs of Morpheus and the true Zion. We work to protect the truce as best we can but nowadays, the Machines don't help that cause very much, as relationships between Zion and the Machines weaken, the Children of Zion find themselves becoming more agressive towards the Machines, they beleive it won't be long before the war begins anew.

At current, the Children of Zion are lead by Commanders Baku, bonopi and PBlade, but they rely on their command staff of captains and FM's, along with input from every other member, to get things done. The current active ship roster consists of:

The Nagamitsu: Captain PBlade, FM wwWizard2k

The Behemoth: Captain Baku, FM (TBA)

The Vesuvius: Captain bonopi, FM WhiteDr4gon

The Invictus: Catpain Organo, FM Renesis

The Legerity: Captain Rustern, FM Psudo

The Neuromancer: Captain Sixxth, FM Kaspanova

The Arkhammer: Captain Debacle, FM Vampgrrl

The Halcyon: Captain L1nx, FM Luneran

The Incognito: Captain Psuda.

The Children of Zion continue to operate as a division of Zions elite in the secret war the Matrix wages.