Your character's stats affect power of your abilities. Each point above 5 grants an additional 2% bonus in the attributes it affects.

These bonuses modify the attributes associated with any ability you use. For instance, if an ability would normally do 15 melee damage and you have an aggregate melee damage bonus of 20%, the ability would actually do 18 damage {see CR2.0: Attributes, Stats, and Influences Explained for a more complete explanation).

Bonus Attributes
Belief Focus Perception Reason Vitality

Melee Accuracy

Melee Damage Resistance

Ballistic Accuracy

Ballistic Damage Resistance

Thrown Accuracy

Thrown Resistance

Viral Accuracy

Viral Resistance

Viral Damage

Viral Defense

Melee Damage

Melee Defense

Ballistic Damage

Ballistic Defense

Thrown Damage

Thrown Defense

Buff Area Radius

Debuff Area Radius

Heal Damage

Inner Strength Cost Modifier

Health Regen Rate

Inner Strength Regen Rate

Maximum Health

Maximum Inner Strength

Blind Duration

Pacify Duration

Root Duration

Stun Duration

Enrage Duration

Confuse Duration

Powerlessness Duration

Movement Speed


Invisible Movement Speed

Sneak Movement Speed


Contested Withdraw