{ Rorist }Edit

  • Blue Pill Name: Aub JeanB
  • Personality: Seculded Introvert
  • Liberated Since: November 19th
  • Reborn on: March 19th (21h GMT+1)
  • Faction: -
  • Crew: Preafectus Altea
  • Alignment: Zion/Exiles
  • Profession: Virologist/Coder

Rorist is a poor schizophrenic who can't have any communication with any people. The time he left the Matrix to discover the real world, he has been chocked like never. Now he wants to go back to the matrix and fight for what he thinks, but he is not aligned. He works with who are right with his thoughts. He began like a programmer, then he discovered the power oh hacking the matrix, and take the way of the Virologist. he flies between coding and hacking the matrix.

to be continued  :)

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