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/radio play [location] - Play the file you have put in the location, it could be streamed radio or local files (m3u Playlist for example), example: /radio play C:\MXO\rocklist.m3u
/radio stop - Stop the radio and go back to based in-game music
/radio next - go to the next track on your playlist
/radio prev - go to the previous track
/radio fave [address] - Add a favorite to the radio, example: /radio fave or /radio fave C:\playlist.m3u

Tip: Use the Macro system to save your radio and playlist name, example: /macro RMC /radio play

Saving loadoutsEdit

Load yourself up with your favourite abilities, I'll use myself as an example. I load up with karate, and then I save my loadout like this:

  • /savelo karate

Now my loadout has been saved in my system with the name karate, but how do I use this? What I can do is add it to a hotbar (I suggest hotbar 10 as it is probably empty) like so:

  • /macro karate /loadlo karate

This will create a hotbar that exectutes /loadlo karate, of course you can probably just use that command alone. You will need to be near to a hardline for this to be successful. After setting up a button to load my karate, I then used the hardline to load up all my doctor abilities, saved the loadout using /savelo doctor, and created a button for doctor using */macro doctor /loadlo doctor. I now have two buttons, one for doctor and one for karate, and I can swap between them with the click of a button, this saves time during missions especially if you need to quickly leave red and go change to get rez for example.


/ccr - Opens the bug report menu
/who - Displays the names, levels, and types of up to fifty redpills in the immediate area
/who [name] - Displays the full names, levels, and types redpills with [name] in their handle
/who [number] - Displays the names, levels, and types of redpills at level [number]
/loc - Displays your current coordinates
/whereami - Displays detailed information about your location for bug reports
/random - Generates a random number between 1 and 100
/random [number] - Generates a random number between 1 and [number]
/jackout - Exits the game
/exit - Exits the game
/quit - Exits the game
/suicide - Returns player to the Loading Area with all the consequences of death
/stuck - Moves player to another location if stuck
/time - Displays the current date and time

/addblip [name] - Marks the player's current location on the map with a marker named [name]
/removeblip [name] - Removes the blip called [name] from the map
/release - Sends player back to the Loading Area after death
/printsimulacra - Displays the current status of the player's simulacra
/play - Displays the total amount of time the player has spent in the game
/netstats - Displays data such as ping, packets, loss-rate, and fps
/netstats 0 - Removes the netstats display
/netstats off - Removes the netstats display
/addwaypoint [name] - Adds a waypoint to the location of a team member [name]
/awp [name] - Adds a waypoint to the location of a team member [name]
/removewaypoint [name] - Removes a waypoint from [name]
/rwp [name] - Removes a waypoint from [name]
/keyboard - Opens the keyboard configuration panel, with some important feature like Camera Controls, Chat Controls, etc
/reputation - Displays your REP (reputation points) in the three current factions, Zion, Machines and Merovigian.
/hardline - Displays the closest syncronized hardline and creates a waypoint.

Team SettingsEdit

/lootrandom - Random team member can loot kills
/lootbylooter - Whoever chooses to loot a kill can do so
/lootbykill - Whoever kills an enemy can loot them
/lootalpha - Looting rights are cycled through the team in alphabetical order
/disband - Disbands the team


/invite - Invites the currently selected target onto the player's team
/follow - Causes the player to automatically follow the currently selected target
/face - Causes the player to face the currently selected target