Endomorph Vs Missionman

Endomorph Vs Missionman

Exploits-Cyph Leader Endomorph vs Missionman


Endomorph Leader of Exploits-Cyph












Leader: Endomorph

Faction Type: PvP

Server: Syntax

The highest CQ count of any faction in the game.Edit

Exploits-Cyph boasted some of the server and the games best PvPers with players including "Endomorph", "Keppen", "Anxiety762", "Comserv", "Pharaoh420nels", "Kanjo", "Semi", "Deecode", "Deedas", "Keonn".

This faction went on to be the games highest cq totalling faction with Endomorph, Keppen and Pharaoh alone having over 74000 CQ between them, and many of these players being voted in "Best PvPer Categories" on the games official forums

Exploits-Cyph Roster (Including Previous Members)

  • Endomorph (Leader)
  • Keppen
  • Anxiety762
  • Comserv
  • Pharaoh420nels
  • Kanjo
  • Semi
  • Xintax88
  • Deadcell14
  • Deecode
  • Keonn
  • XxSLiMxX
  • Bladepoint
  • Amirah
  • Monet
  • Maricella
  • Misslita
  • ShankerBanker
  • R3471TY
  • Stryfe07
  • Whi73
  • Metalmorphoses
  • Iamagnus
  • Afh
  • Espi
  • Incogntion
  • Shauntaylor88
  • Resillience
  • Seether338
  • TheMarsNova
  • xDoomx
  • BlazinWolf
  • xVectrax
  • PistolZZ
  • + Many More

Exploits famously and unintentionally made both the Zion and Merovingian factions become allies on a regular basis in a hope of breaking their PvP dominance on the Syntax Server to which they were unsuccesful. this lead to a series of humiliating banners expressing how they "Make them cry and truce daily" and the creation of fan club cards for the sea of haters amongst the community.

Exploits also pioneered many different PvP tactics within the game, like the use of healing macros on an alt through walls and buildings.