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An action used in conversation such as clapping, cheering, and hugging, which has an associated RSI animation.
Exiles are programs that were either considered obsolete or counterproductive to the Machines. They are the explanation to the paranormal, from vampires, angels and
aliens. The Most prominent types are vamps and lupines, whoich were based on the mythological vampire and werewolf respectively.
An occurrence in The Matrix Online which happens in real time. Events generally involve storyline characters and have an impact on the storyline. Until the SoE acquisition, events were carried out by a live events team (LET). However, SoE disbanded this team in the acquisition and live events are now carried out entirely by the Live Events Special Interest Group (LESIG) and developer Ben "Rarebit" Chamberlain, who is now the sole writer of the storyline as well.
A weapon that can be used against commandos. Does 9,999 damage to any commandos within range.
E Pluribus Neo
translated as "From many to One", they were an offshoot of the Zionites who were led by the Kid to counter the emergence of the Cypherites.