Level 1-5 Edit

  • Code Analyser Tool:
    • Difficulty to craft: 1
    • Require: Write Code
    • Use: This tool is used to write codes from bits and fragments to an Item Code.

  • Item Decompiler:
    • Difficulty to craft: 2
    • Require: Decompile Items
    • Use: You'll receive bits by decompiling objects, bits are the object bases. Decompiler is first used to learn new object code,allowing you to write it again.

  • Disable Device Tool:

  • Code Compiler Tool:
    • Difficulty to craft: 5
    • Require: Compile Item
    • Use: After you update your Item Code into the Code Archive, you can compile the loaded code into a 'real' object.

  • Analyse Weakness Tool:

Level 6-10 Edit

  • Basic Trap Disarmer:

  • Clerk Disguise:
    • Difficulty to craft: 10
    • Require: Disguise
    • Use:

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